Weaning With Love

The process of weaning children is the hardest thing mothers do to their children. She struggled when she decided not to breastfeed anymore. Sadness, loss, not only hit the baby but also the mother. Therefore, weaning with love is very necessary in the process of cutting off the milk to move to the next stage, drinking milk from a glass. In this weaning process, involving not only the child and the mother, but the support of the father is also important.

Why do children need to be weaned? Indeed, there is no age rule for weaning mother and father babies. However, many people do it when the baby is two years old.

Weaning is a process of cessation of breastfeeding gradually or all at once. This process can be caused by stopping the child from breastfeeding the mother. Or it could be that the mother stops breastfeeding her child. Or it could be both. This weaning period is an emotional experience for mother, child and father.

The weaning method is divided into 2, namely:

  1. Natural weaning or Baby Led Weaning (not forcing and following the stages of child development)
  2. Mother led weaning (a mother who determines when to wean her child).

Of the two methods above, the natural weaning method is the most recommended. Why? Because psychologically, the impact is lightest. Generally, at the beginning of the weaning process, the reaction of the weaning child is usually fussy and restless. with natural weaning, all of that can be avoided considering that when entering toddler age, the child's dependence on breast milk has actually decreased.

While in "Mother Led Weaning" what is needed is the mental readiness of the mother as well as the support from the environment, especially the father, as a person who can provide comfort. When it is steady to wean, do weaning patiently and not in a hurry because the mother's attitude in weaning affects the readiness of the toddler.

So that the weaning process runs smoothly, you can apply what some lactation experts have suggested, namely:

  1. The weaning process is carried out gradually. For example, the frequency of breastfeeding was reduced from 4 times to 3 times until it finally stopped altogether.
  2. When the child is supposed to breastfeed, the mother must keep the child busy, for example by playing, reading books, or giving him healthy snacks.
  3. Don't wean when the child is unwell, sad, upset or angry.
  4. Avoid weaning children from feeding on other objects such as pacifiers, milk bottles, pillows, and so on.
  5. Communicate well, full of love, because even though they are still young, if given understanding, the children of Mother and Father will definitely understand.
  6. Mother, do not stress when doing the weaning process.
  7. Do not wean suddenly, it must be gradual.

Tricks so that the weaning process runs smoothly:

  1. Before the weaning process, introduce or teach children to drink through a glass or cup.
  2. Change her milk drinking schedule.
  3. Expand the solid food.
  4. Do a training cup.

What to avoid from the weaning with love process:

  1. Do not apply red medicine or put anything on the mother's breast, on the pretext that the child does not want to breastfeed.
  2. Do not offer breast milk if the child is crying or fussy. 
  3. Do not introduce feeding bottles, nipples, pacifiers.
  4. Do not force.

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