When The Baby doesn't Want to Use a Pacifier


Please, my child is 3 months old, and is currently left from work. But my baby does not want to breastfeed from a pacifier bottle. I have tried various brands of bottles and nipples, but your little one still doesn't want to. What's the solution?

We receive this question very often. Breastfeeding is indeed a dilemma that often hits Elena's working mother. Whatever happens, make sure you keep breastfeeding your little one.

Breast milk is the child's basic right to keep growing healthy, even the benefits will continue until your little one grows up. In fact, the W.H.O (World Health Organization) does not recommend breastfeeding through a bottle of nipples.

Why? Because pacifiers can interfere with milk production. Sucking breastmilk from a bottle is much easier than sucking from the breast, so the baby prefers the bottle to the breast. Whereas suction in the mother's breast is very important because it can send a signal to the body to accelerate the work of the hormones prolactin and oxytocin which play a role in the production and flow of milk work.

As we know, the more often the nipples are inhaled, the smoother the production of breast milk will beMothers should learn with lactation counselors about how to give breast milk by training a plastic spoon, small cup or dropper, also teach caregivers or family members about the technique, so they can give milk. Breastfeed your little one while you work.

It is a little inconvenient, but this is to prevent the mother's milk from decreasing and the risk of stopping breast milk can be avoided. To learn this technique you have to be patient, usually babies need about 3-4 days until they can drink breast milk through a spoon or feeding cup.

When you are at home, make sure you feed your breast milk directly to your little one. If your little one sleeps, you can pump breast milk so that the milk supply remains plentiful and smooth.

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