Win it! Bad Habits That Can Keep You Away from Happiness

Far from Happiness

This time I want to explain to you about a habit that you shouldn't get used to because the consequences are not really good for you.

I also want to remind some of you who sometimes take this bad habit normally. What are these habits, immediately refer to the explanation below.

1. Procrastinate time

Delaying doing something is a habit that you shouldn't get used to, procrastinating time can make your work can't be done optimally or even never happen or finish. There are always problems in your life, usually procrastinators can't be on time either. So stay away from this habit, friend

2. Run away from problems

Don't get used to running away from problems because this habit makes you timid, afraid to face life and timid to achieve your dreams. And you need to know that when someone runs away from problems, he just creates new problems and continues like that so that the problems accumulate and he also has trouble living a happy life.

So friends, don't get in the habit of running from problems, face problems and don't be embarrassed by your problems.

3. Become a remote control carelessly

The point of being a remote control carelessly is that you like to control other people or the like this usually creates emotional burdens and gets angry on you.

So this habit makes you disliked by other people. Other people don't like it because you guys like to be controlling and look pretentious. So friends, it is better if you organize yourself and are busy looking for ways to achieve your big dreams. Now this is better and much more fun than doing things like that which the impact is only detrimental to others.

4. Want to be someone else

So what you need friends to know is that wanting to be someone else shows that you don't have the confidence to face life.

So you need to know that everyone has their own uniqueness and you know that you must be proud of the uniqueness that you have because that uniqueness will never be owned by anyone else. So stay away from this habit because this habit only makes you afraid to face a pleasant life.

5. It is always in the past or the future

Next, a bad habit that you can't get used to is being in the past or the future, which means being in the past, for example, you think about a reality that can't be repeated. Where as if you are in the future you always think about things that are not sure, for example tomorrow, when I work, I want to buy the latest motorbike. This is what you call immersing in the past as well as in the future. Come on, buddy, move on! Don't get used to thinking like this because it will make it difficult and hard for you to look to the future. Think about now look at the front, don't think backward or forward or think uncertain and real. So from now on let's move on!

6. Accustomed to complaining

You need to know that most people in this world who complain the most are wealthy people than people who are poor or less well off. This shows that most people who like to complain are people who cannot accept anything that has been given so my friend, don't get used to complaining because this will keep you from happiness in life.

7. Thinking about toxic people

Toxic people are bad and destructive friendships and don't think too much about people like them because they are just troublesome. Find friends who care about you and always support what you do.

8. Gossip

So friends need to be careful that accustomed to gossip can keep you away from happiness, because gossiping is talking about the ugliness of other people besides that you also open other people's shame. Well, let's look at it again, it is clear that we are the same as doing bad things to other people. So stay away from this habit, especially for women, it's not that I'm cornered, but in fact women are more dominant than men. Now than you guys are busy thinking about what other people do I think! buddy also loses! Better friends think about how your big dreams can be achieved.

9. Doing other activities while talking with other people

An example of a habit like this is you play your cellphone when you are talking to other people.

So friends, don't get used to actions like this because it's not good for friendship and also your relationship with other people. This habit shows you don't value other people's time.

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