Without Realizing It, These are 5 Parental Behaviors That Make Children Spoiled

parental behaviors

Admitted or not, but if your child shows signs of being spoiled, maybe you have made a mistake as a parent. Yes, all parents want the best for their children, but sometimes even good intentions can have a negative effect. Parenting styles can vary widely, but all of them have an impact on the child's development and behavior.

One of the bad attitudes of children that are influenced by parenting is that the child is spoiled. While it is normal for children to act spoiled every now and then, there are times when parents should realize that this can develop into adulthood. And, it is time to re-evaluate our parenting styles as parents.

The following is a list of mistakes made by parents that trigger children to become spoiled.

1. Reward children's bad behavior

Not infrequently, when a child throws a tantrum, parents then lure the child with the lure of something the child likes, for example ice cream, candy, or toys, just to keep the child calm. Of course, this is an easy and simple solution, but it is difficult to help the child become independent if you can't say "no" to the child.

Giving in to a child's demands, especially during a tantrum, only makes the child learn that the parent will give up as long as he screams and cries. It is a learned behavior, which becomes a conditioned response. So, the child will continue the behavior to get what they want.

2. Too protective of children from the real world

Every parent must feel obliged to protect their children from harm. Naturally, parents do whatever they can to protect their children. Even so, it doesn't make sense for parents to save their kids every time something goes wrong.

This parenting style is a hallmark of helicopter parenting, which has the potential to prevent children from becoming courageous, independent individuals, learning from mistakes, and able to solve problems on their own. This parenting style can also lead to mischievous behavior and interfere with the child's ability to develop after facing challenges. To make your child grow up to be a tough person, make sure you avoid the practice of helicopter parenting.

3. Making the boss's son at home

As a parent, it's natural that you feel the need to meet every need. But, that doesn't mean you can let your child act like a boss.

Remember that your role as a parent is not to serve your children but to nurture them while setting boundaries. These boundaries are about building resilience in children, not giving them everything the child asks for.


4. Blaming others for the child's mistakes

You cannot accept the fact that children make mistakes, and you are quick to defend them whenever someone reports to you that children make mistakes.

For example, if the teacher tells you that the child doesn't pay attention in class, you automatically blame the teacher for being boring and not being able to give a fun lesson. Or when children fight in the playground because they don't want to share toys with other children, you immediately interfere and blame the other children by saying you can't be patient.

In fact, parenting like this is a big mistake. Because, if you act like your child can't do anything wrong, you will only give him more mistakes. This kind of attitude means that the child will never learn that there are consequences for his actions and think he can escape every mistake.

5. Give them a special sense of entitlement

You want your child to know how special he is, so that every time he completes a small assignment, you celebrate with great fanfare. However, treating a child as if he or she is the center of the universe is not a way to build a child's self-confidence. In fact, this behavior will build a sense of entitlement and will not help you raise strong children.

Over-indulging, praising, and helping children solve obstacles is tantamount to depriving children of opportunities to be independent, learn from mistakes, or adapt to difficulties.

s a parent, your role can be likened to planting the seeds for the future of children. In order for them to be better people, you also have to be better parents. so, anticipate every attitude you have that has the potential to spoil your child and help your child grow up to be a strong and independent person.

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