5 Ways to Get a Healthy Lifestyle for Toddlers


Promote a healthy lifestyle for toddlers from an early age, will help him to make healthy choices in the future. In addition, mothers can also increase their immunity and optimize their development. 

A healthy lifestyle is the main foundation in maintaining a healthy body. Getting used to a healthy lifestyle from an early age is one of the valuable things you can give your little one, so that the quality of development is optimal.

There are some simple ways that you can apply to your little one's routine so that he is accustomed to being active in physical activity and eating foods that are important for his growth.

5 Ways to Implement a Healthy Lifestyle for Toddlers

- Active Everyday

Regular physical activity is essential for healthy growth. At least get your little one used to being active for 60 minutes every day. .the mother should be a good example for your little one by getting used to her daily physical activities.

- Get used to drink mineral water for your little one

Mineral water is the best way to hydrate the body. Limit the consumption of soft drinks that contain high sugar levels for your little one's consumption. Give your little one fruit to eat instead of giving fruit juices which generally contain lots of sugar.

- Eating more fruits and vegetables

Consuming fruits and vegetables every day will help your little one to grow and develop optimally. .the nutritional content in it can increase the vitality of your little one's body and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

- Don't Get Your Little One in Front of the Screen

Put limits on the time your little one can spend in front of the screen, whether watching television, playing on a tablet or smartphone or playing console games. This lifestyle is included in the category of inactive and can have an impact on being overweight. You can change your little one's playing time in front of the screen by inviting him to actively play, both inside and outside the house.

.- Eat Less Snacks and Provide Healthy Snack Alternatives

Healthy snacks will help your little one to meet their daily nutritional needs. Snacks made of fruits and vegetables, can reduce the risk of obesity in your little one, while unhealthy snacks can increase the risk of obesity in your little one.

In addition to all the tips above, it is important for you to get a sleep time that suits your needs, make it a habit to wash your hands, brush your teeth regularly and keep your little one in a smoke-free environment.

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