Attachment Method for Breastfeeding

Latching is the key to successful breastfeeding. A good method of attachment when breastfeeding will make it easier for you and your little one in the breastfeeding process.

The attachment method for breastfeeding will also avoid problems with the breasts, and get the baby all the nutrition he needs.

Here are steps you can take to get good attachment right from the start.

1. Find a comfortable position for Mother and Little One. Breastfeeding while lying on the mattress will be more comfortable, and makes it easier for your little one to use her hands, raise and turn her head, also makes you not need to keep your little one's burden

2. Help your little one with body contact from skin to skin and let him smell your body and feel your touch, to make it easier for him to find your breasts.

3. When breastfeeding, the baby's tongue moves to squeeze and push the milk from the milk store into the mouthTherefore, a good attachment is when the little one's chin is against the breast, the little one's mouth is wide open and most of the nipple areola area of ​​the breast goes into the baby's mouth. In that way, the mammary glands will work perfectly to drain breast milk. If your little one breastfeeds by only sucking on the nipple, then the milk that comes out is not smooth. As a result, can cause problems around the breasts, especially in the nipple area, such as pain and blisters.

4. Recognize the signs of the problem. .It is not uncommon for new mothers to feel pain during the first time breastfeeding, however, you should not feel pinched or bitten and the pain should not persist throughout the breastfeeding process. If you experience some problems during the breastfeeding process, discuss it with your doctor or the Nutriclub Expert Team who are ready to help you.

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