Best Position For Breastfeeding

Not only maintaining the quality of breast milk, you also need to know the position of breastfeeding that is comfortable for you and your baby.

Learning to hold and support your little one takes extra coordination and patience. Here are the choices of breastfeeding positions that you can apply.

1. Cradle Hold

In this position, you support your little one's head with the inner corner of your arm. This position is usually suitable for your little one who was born in a normal way.

2. Cross-over Hold

Unlike Cradle Hold, the inner corner of your arm supports your little one and uses your hand to support his head. This position is suitable for tiny babies and little ones who have problems with breastfeeding.

3. Football Hold

Like holding a ball, you position your little one's body under your armpit on the same side as the side of the breast that is being breastfed. You can use this position if you do a cesarean section, to avoid your little one being on your stomach.

4. Lying Down

This position is easy to do, just lie on one side of the mother's body. You can add a pillow on the back to support your body. This position is suitable if you are recovering from a cesarean section, tired of sitting, or if you are breastfeeding your little one who is sleeping at night or during the day.

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