Checking The Health of The Little One from the Color of the Poop

The color of the baby's poop changes with the development of the type of food he consumes. Therefore, the color and texture of baby poop are not the same as adult humans. Besides, do you know? The color of your baby's poop or poop can be used as an indication to check his health, you know. What are the colors of the baby's poop? Check it out in the following article!

Poop Color: Black

Don't panic if your little one's poop is black, Ma. This black poop color is normal for newborns, as well as a sign that their digestive system is functioning. The mucus, dead skin cells and the remaining amniotic fluid mix and come out as meconium, the name for this thick black poop.

Poop color: Mustard yellow

After the meconium is released for 1-2 days, Mama will begin to notice that your Little One's poop color is gradually normal. The poop will be a brownish yellow like a mustard cream color with a slightly coarse texture. This poop color is normal during breastfeeding, indicating that his body can digest the milk or formula he drinks.

Poop Color: Light yellow

The bright yellow poop color also indicates the normal condition of your little one. However, if a poop like this is too runny and comes out more frequently than usual, you need to be aware of the risk of diarrhea. Immediately consult your little one to the doctor to prevent dehydration due to diarrhea.

Poop color: Greenish brown

Babies who drink formula milk usually have a combination of greenish brown and yellow poop, with a denser texture when compared to babies who drink breast milk. This poop color is also normal for babies who are introduced to solid food or solid food.If your little one is in the solids age stage, don't worry if the color and texture of the poop resembles what he has eaten or drank, such as orange after eating carrots or red after eating beets.

Poop Color: Dark green

The dark green color of the poop indicates that your little one is able to eat green solid foods such as spinach or peas.

Poop Color: Orange

The orange color of the poop can be obtained from food color pigments (carrots, sweet potatoes or pumpkin) that collect from the digestive tract.

Poop Color: Red

If your little one consumes food or drinks that are red in color, for example tomato juice or beet juice, a reddish poop is certainly a normal thing. But you need to be vigilant if it turns out that the red color in your little one's poop indicates blood content. Immediately check your little one to the doctor if Mama suspects there is blood in the poop!

Poop Color: White

A poop without a color or a white one indicates a serious health problem: This means that the liver is not producing enough bile to help the body digest the food it consumes.

Poop Color: Gray

Just like white poops, gray ones that can indicate a serious problem with the digestive system. Immediately consult your pediatrician if your little one experiences this.

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