Does Mother's Diet Affect Breast Milk

You must realize that what you eat or drink will affect the taste and composition of your milk.

Like adults, babies may dislike certain tastes. .find out more about the influence of your diet on breast milk.

What you eat will affect your breast milk

The food that you consume will affect the milk that your little one will consume, this will affect the taste of breast milk, the quality of breast milk and the composition in it. Avoid spicy or spicy foods as well as caffeine because it can be a stimulant for digestive system disorders in babies such as bloating, diarrhea, allergies or other problems.

Foods that you may need to avoid

The following are types of food / drink that can affect babies through breast milk:

- The caffeine in your drink not only keeps you awake but also makes it difficult for your baby to sleep so that your rest time is reduced. Even though you need a break to come back to take care of your little one the next day.

- Dairy products, onions, cabbage may make your little one bloated and become colic.

Is your little one allergic to something you just ate?

If your little one has indigestion or a rash after breastfeeding, he may be allergic to something you just ate. Cow's milk, nuts, wheat, fish and eggs are some of the foods that can cause allergic reactions.

If that happens, temporarily avoid foods or drinks that you think cause allergies. Try again another day and see if there is a reaction. Unless there is a family history of allergies to certain foods, avoid these foods altogether. Keep a diary of the food you eat to make it easier to track how their baby responds after feeding.

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