How Often Should Mother Breastfeed

When you start breastfeeding your little one, don't be too rigid in scheduling breastfeeding.

Try to breastfeed according to the request of your little one, he will determine for himself how much he needs. Slowly, the breastfeeding pattern will be formed and before you realize it, your little one will start to have a breastfeeding schedule or routine.

Breastfeed as often as possible

Newborn babies need frequent breastfeeding, even if the feeding time is short. In the first days of your little one, the time between breastfeeding is approximately every two to three hours. The reason is that breast milk is very easy to digest, so that your little one quickly feels hungry again. Besides that their stomach was still very small, so it could not be fed in large portions.

But, after some time, follow your little one's needs. Don't limit duration and hours as the main rule. Even at night, you need to breastfeed to meet the nutritional needs of your little one and maintain the continuous production of breast milk. Because, the more breast milk is sucked, the production will increase.

Mothers usually worry about whether their little one is getting enough breast milk. If your little one seems excited and happy, then there's nothing to worry about. But if you are still worried, please consult your little one's condition to the doctor.

Your baby's needs are increasing

When your little one starts to grow, he may need to be breastfed longer but less interval. To remember, the more often you breastfeed, the more milk you produce.

So don't panic if your little one looks greedy all the time. The mother's body will adapt to compensate for the needs of your little one.

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