How to Make Feeding Time Fun for Toddlers?

Not infrequently toddlers get angry, cry or fuss when it's time to eat. Mothers should start creating fun mealtimes for toddlers.

If your little one's mealtime is a nightmare for you, there are a number of steps you can take so that you can enjoy eating time and have a good diet. Mother needs to remember that your little one will eat when he feels hungry.

The problem is sometimes he doesn't feel hungry when it's time to eat. Playing, watching television and several other activities can be a distraction that attracts attention compared to eating. So that he feels attracted to his mealtime, Mother can make mealtime fun and eagerly awaited by your little one.

Involve your little one when preparing food

Cooking with Mother is a pleasant experience for your little one. Mixing basic ingredients, washing vegetables is an example of a job in the kitchen that can involve your little one. Cook his own food, make your little one like his food more.

Cut Food So Funny Shapes

Ordinary forms of food are less attractive to your little one. Then there's nothing wrong with cutting fruits, vegetables and meats with interesting shapes such as stars, triangles or hearts. Besides being unique, these shapes can stimulate your little one to recognize shapes.

Make Face Shapes in Food

When serving your little one's food at the table, you can make the food look like a face shape. At least you can cut vegetables and side dishes to make eyes, nose and lips that smile.

Cut your Little One's side dishes

Your little one usually feels depressed when he sees side dishes in large pieces, this can also reduce his appetite for food. .when giving your little one's food, you can try to cut your little one's side dishes to the size of one bite per piece.

Give name On Menu

It will be more fun if you give a name to your little one's food menu eg Robin Tomato, Popeye Spinach, Rabbit Carrot.

Let the Food Stain Your Little One

Maybe you want to be angry when your little one spills food, or gets food dirty on his clothes. .but actually letting your little one eat alone and letting him experiment with his food will increase your little one's appetite.

Invite Your Little Friends

Toddlers will feel more enthusiastic about eating when they are with their friends. .The trick is, you can invite your little one's friends who have good eating habits, so that your little one follows them.


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