Improve the Quality of Mother's Milk

Breastmilk has various miracles and provides many good benefits for babies. Breast milk is the best intake option, because it contains all the essential nutrients your baby needs.

Because breast milk is very important in optimizing the development of your little one, you need to maintain the quality of breast milk and increase the variety of benefits.

Eating a balanced healthy diet

Fruits and vegetables have many healthy nutrients that can affect the quality of breast milk. Vary fruits and vegetables to be consumed regularly every day. In producing breast milk, your body needs 8-10 glasses of fluids per day. Therefore, you should consume mineral water in the right composition so that your body is always hydrated.

Balanced Intake of Vitamins and Minerals

When breastfeeding, you need a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals. Some important vitamins and minerals for mothers while breastfeeding are calcium, vitamin D, folic acid and iron.

Although these nutrients can be obtained through the intake of a balanced nutritious diet, special milk for breastfeeding mothers and supplements can help mothers meet their daily nutritional needs. .for the daily dose of supplements you need, consult your doctor further.

Avoid contamination of breast milk

Reduce the risk of contamination of breast milk by being careful with the foods you eat. There are several ways to avoid contamination of breast milk:

- Consume a wide variety of foods, so that you don't eat one type of food that turns out to be high in pesticides.

- Identify fruits and vegetables that have high pesticide levels. Each time you eat, wash the fruit and vegetables thoroughly, then peel the fruit skin.

- When eating meat, remove the extra skin and fat in the meat. There are many chemicals stored in meat fat.


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