Little One's Tableware

Preparing all baby eating utensils is one step to make it easier for you when giving your baby's first supplementary food.

Providing additional food for your little one can be a challenge in itself for you. Make this challenge more fun and easier by preparing all of your little one's eating needs and utensils.

Equipment that Assist with Supplementary Feeding

You probably already have most of the tableware for your little one at home. You need to know that some of the tableware below is very useful and helps you when giving your little one the first food:

- Plastic spoon

You need a plastic spoon that is strong, soft tipped, small enough for your little one's mouth. Now there is a spoon for your little one that has a heat indicator feature, to prevent your little one's tongue from being injured because the food is too hot.

- Dinner bowl

The recommended baby's food bowl is usually made of plastic or melamine. You can also choose a small bowl that is resistant to heating in the microwave.

- Dining apron

Your little one will definitely spill his food and make his clothes and face dirty. You can minimize this mess by wearing an apron on your little one's chest. However, it is advisable to use aprons made of plastic as they work better and are easier to clean.

- Blend

A blender can help your work to mash food and make puree for your little one. The blender can also be a very practical tool for mixing different ingredients together. We recommend that the blender that is used to process your little one's food is a special blender and is not mixed with other cooking needs.

- Toys and Music

When introducing his first food, your little one's attention needs to be diverted. Mother can be helped by providing toys around your little one or playing music that he likes.

- U-shaped pillow

To make your little one's position comfortable when they get acquainted with their first meal, you can support your little one's body on a U-shaped pillow.

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