Preparation Before Breastfeeding

Preparation before breastfeeding is needed so that the breastfeeding process is comfortable for both Mother and Little One. Learn as much information as you can about breastfeeding.

Important information about breastfeeding that you get before your little one is born can minimize problems during breastfeeding. Reading various books or asking your doctor or taking prenatal and antenatal classes can help you.

Preparation Before Breastfeeding

.• Prepare mentally and physically properly every time you breastfeed, so that this activity can be done calmly, for example by listening to music before and during breastfeeding.

.• Bathing with warm water before breastfeeding can also help you relax and make blood flow smoother and will improve the circulation of the milk produced.

.• Provide space with the necessary equipment. .for example chairs with backs and arm supports and pillows to support the baby. When breastfeeding, you should sit with your legs not hanging.

.• Make sure your physical condition is clean, especially your hands must be washed before carrying the baby and both your breasts and nipples have been cleaned with cotton that has been soaked in warm water beforehandstart breastfeeding.• Compressing the breasts will help improve blood circulation and milk productivity.

.• Help your little one with attachment methods to maximize the breastfeeding process.

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