Preparing for Preschool for Toddlers

Adjusting to the preschool phase can be difficult for toddlers. However, you can certainly help toddlers to get through this transitional phase with some activities. See information for preparing preschool for toddlers.

One of the important things is to make preparation for preschool fun. At this age, studying is not yet the most important task for your little one. Do not put too much pressure on your little one to focus on learning and make him feel that every activity is a lesson and every travel event is an educational journey.

The three main goals of any preschool program are to prepare your little one to listen, follow directions and work together in a group.

- Schedule More Social Activities

All preschoolers should be able to join with other children. If your little one doesn't talk much with the other kids, then activities like story-sharing, line-up and cooperative games can be very difficult. Help your little one feel confident to be part of the group by inviting your little one to play with one or two of their peers.

- Help Ease Her Fear With Information

Almost every child feels afraid, anxious, nervous and excited about starting preschool at the same time.  But avoid comforting your little one or assuaging his fears by promising extravagant things like, "There you will have the most exciting experience." or "There's nothing to be afraid of."

It is better for Mother to provide information for the little one, about his school so that he knows what he can expect in preschool. Before class starts, visit the classroom at least once, especially when other children and the teacher are already in class.

- Create a Special 'Goodbye' Ritual

Create a special separation ritual for Mother and Little One. For example, by hugging or saying the promise to pick him up. In the first few days at preschool, give your little one extra time to part with Mother. Don't forget to create a pleasant home atmosphere, the calmer the situation at home, the easier the separation will be.

And if Mom is tempted to peek into her classroom, don't do it. He would only be disappointed, panicked and angry when he realized that Mother had left him.

- Read a story to your little one every night

Most preschool classes have fairy tale reading sessions. Read your little one's story book at least 15 minutes every day before he goes to bed. Reading time should be a routine when your little one starts preschool. Children who do not have earlier experience with books will have difficulty learning to read later.

Reading in a clear voice to your little one will help develop listening skills. Stories with rhythm are interesting, so look for story books that contain repetitive phrases in writing.

- Learn Listening Skills

Preschool teachers usually invite your little one to sit quietly and listen. You can help your little one understand this request by getting your little one sitting quietly and closing her eyes and asking your little one to explain the three different types of sounds she hears. In preschool, children also learn to listen and follow directions that are usually several steps.

- Nurture Your Little One's Creativity

Creating arts and crafts such as painting with fingers or making wax sculptures can help improve your little one's visual and motor skills. Give your little one paper, watercolors, crayons and other handicraft needs then invite your little one to make whatever he wants.

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