Separate Toddlers with The Object of the Safety

For toddlers, bringing a safety object, such as a blanket or doll, can make the transition from home to preschool easier, but later on this has the potential to become a problem. Here are tips for separating toddlers from their safety objects.

Safety objects allow your little one to relieve fear, insecurity and panic on his own. But on the other hand, there are times when parents have to face the little one's crying and tantrums when you leave your favorite object at home or forget where you put it.

Why Does Your Little One Need an Object of Safety?

This thing looks like it is sticking to the little one's body, because he always refuses all invitations to leave this transitional object or its safety at home or doesn't even let Mother wash it.

Most children become close to a specific object, such as a blanket or soft doll before they are one year old, but in some children this behavior can continue until they are two years old or older.

This is because these objects can provide a sense of security when your little one is just starting to explore the world and start learning to be independent. Plus, this object can provide comfort for your little one whenever he feels scared.

Tips for separating your little one from the safety object

This is similar to the habit of a toddler sucking his thumb. If in your little one's school there are regulations that do not allow the safety of the object and if your little one doesn't want to let go of his favorite object, you need to teach him to start removing the object. Here's how:

  • Compromise. Offer your little one to handle his own safety object before he leaves and walks to his classroom. Maybe he has his own idea about a special place to store the object of safety. When school is over, make sure there is no change in the place of the object, it must match where it was last pressed.
  • Give your little one a photo of his safety object. Maybe bringing your little one's safety object would violate school rules. Give an explanation to your little one and give him a photo of his favorite doll or a blanket that he always carries around is enough to make him calmer.
  • Keep his hands busy. After your little one arrives at school, you can ask the preschool teacher so that your little one is always given activities that require hands. With busy little fingers, your little one will not be able to grasp the object of security
  • Explain why the object of security is better at home. Your child may be willing to leave his safety object at home, if he is told that the house is the best and safest place to store his favorite object, so that it is not dirty or lost.


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