Sleep Patterns for Your Little One Under One Year Old

Babies who sleep poorly are more prone to illness, infection, irritation and become less responsive when they wake up.

With a good immune system, babies grow healthily. So, since the baby is born, support him in order to get a good sleep pattern.

Good sleep patterns are very important for babies to support the immune system and brain development.  During that sleep, growth hormone is released and new cells grow rapidly to replace old ones, so that your little one is stronger in dealing with disease.

Sleeping time

Newborns usually sleep quite long, which is about 16 hours. However, this sleep pattern is divided into 7.5 hours of naps and 8.5 hours of sleep at night. In addition, newborns are also programmed to wake up when their diapers are wet, cold, hot and other reasons.

As new parents, you must understand your little one's sleep patterns. Your little one's sleep patterns will change according to their age. At birth to 3 months, he needs up to 16 hours of sleep, while at 1 year old he only needs about 13 hours of sleep.

They can sleep with light sleep cycles and deep sleep. What is meant by light sleep and night sleep? Check out the characteristics below:

1. Sleep lightly:

• Your little one may smile or frown

• The muscles in the body look tight

• His breathing sounds irregular

2. Sleep in:

• His breathing sounds slow and steady

• The muscles will appear relaxed

• Your little one's face will not change during deep sleep.

• When your little one experiences deep sleep, he can fall asleep for 45 minutes -1 hour. After that, he can return to the light sleep cycle. As long as he is not feeling hungry and comfortable, you can get him to continue to fall asleep by gently stroking his hand or leg or even by singing a song slowly.

At the deep sleep stage, your little one's brain will continue to work and this is a good thing. Why? Because at this stage, the body's cells and their growth hormone production develop optimally.

Help your little one sleep regularly

Patience is needed to make your little one understand when he sleeps, especially if he is under 3 months old. For your little one under 3 months of age, he doesn't understand day and night. Here are some tips you can do to adjust your little one's sleep patterns:

• Make sure to turn off the lights and close the curtains when your little one sleeps at night

• When he sleeps during the day / morning, open the curtains or let the light into the room, to distinguish the time of night and day

• Turn on the lights when morning comes, for example, when she starts to wake up at 5 am, you can turn on the light and get her used to getting up at the same time.

• Try timing his nap. Your little one who has regular naps tends to sleep more calmly at night. Even so, his need to eat will certainly make him wake up, so you have to prepare yourself to give him breast milk.

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