Teach Toddlers to Brush their Teeth

Inviting toddlers to be diligent in brushing their teeth requires a special trick.

If you teach and get your toddler to brush their teeth from an early age, then this can be a good habit that toddlers will do everyday until they grow up.

How to Practice Brushing Your Teeth

• Prepare the necessary toothbrush equipment.

• Apply a special toothpaste for children. Usually this toothpaste is safe if swallowed. Apply toothpaste only the size of a pea, or a thin layer.

• Give examples of tooth brushing movements. Accompany your little one in front of the mirror and invite him to imitate his mother's movements.

• For starters, slowly moving the toothbrush left and right is sufficient. When you are older, teach your little one a circular motion.

• Encourage your little one to rinse your mouth with boiled water to avoid germs that may be contained in raw water when swallowed.

• Clean the remains of toothpaste foam that sticks. Praise your little one for following Mother well and can be accompanied by gifts such as hugs.

Tips In Brushing Teeth

• Provide a toothbrush whose head is relatively small, approximately 1.5 cm with soft bristles and a wide and thick handle.

• Clean the toothbrush after each use, replace the toothbrush if a toddler has just recovered from illness.

• Toddlers aged 1-2 years can learn to brush their teeth without using toothpaste, so as not to swallow too much fluoride.

• Optimize the growth and development of toddlers by providing them with balanced nutritional intake in accordance with their daily needs.

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