The Benefits of Breastfeeding with a Spoon

Every parent must know the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for their children because breast milk is the main food for babies until the age of 6 months and babies have the right to get full breast milk. To support the success of the exclusive breastfeeding program, commitment and cooperation from father and mother is needed. 

Not only breastfeeding mothers who are willing to give themselves to breastfeed the baby, but also the willingness of the breastfeeding father to support the mother in giving exclusive breastfeeding to the baby.

Breastfeeding fathers can support mothers in exclusive breastfeeding for babies, for example by feeding breast milk either with a spoon or a bottle. When the mother is tired and needs to rest, the breastfeeding father can replace the mother's role to provide breast milk to the baby. 

Even when the mother is out of the house, she doesn't have to worry about leaving the baby because there is already a stock of breast milk that can be fed to the baby whenever he is thirsty or hungry. In this regard, it has been widely demonstrated that spoon-feeding is better than bottle-feeding

Feeding breast milk with a spoon will also avoid the risk of the baby experiencing nipple confusion. Nipple confusion occurs when your baby starts having difficulty alternating between drinking breast milk from a bottle and breastfeeding. Usually the cause is due to drinking breast milk from a bottle.

Nipple confusion can also cause more serious problems such as your baby not wanting to breastfeed directly, sore nipples, painful enlargement of the breast or the child's weight not increasing. And if the nipple confusion is experienced for too long, the baby will be lazy to breastfeed and the mother's milk supply will decrease, it may even stop altogether. By stopping the supply of breast milk prematurely, it means that the exclusive breastfeeding process does not run smoothly.

To avoid confusing the nipples, try to breastfeed mothers and fathers to have trained and accustomed babies to drinking breast milk with spoon-fed from an early age, at least two weeks before you return to work.

Giving breast milk through a spoon is also useful to prevent babies from lack of milk. If the baby of mother and father is breastfed, their breastfeeding schedule is less than eight times in 24 hours, they can gain weight. 

Signs of a lack of breast milk include urinating a little, passing urine which looks like it contains reddish "brick dust", or if you have less than once a day after feeding.

Efforts to provide exclusive breastfeeding are not difficult, as long as it is done with full awareness and commitment. Don't you want to always give the best for your baby? Let's support the exclusive breastfeeding program by becoming a skilled breastfeeding father.

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