Tips for Bathing Your Little One in the First Week

If this is your first experience of having a baby, maybe you are still confused about how to bathe your baby, especially in the first week after birth. We provide the information here.

Even though you were provided with how to bathe your baby while in the hospital, you may still feel anxious when you have to do it yourself at home.

Many mothers prefer to wash their babies with washlap during the first weeks. After feeling more confident, then they really bathe the little one in the bath.

It doesn't matter if you just use washlap. Do this method in a room where the temperature is warm and cover your little one with a towel to dry it.

Baby Bath Equipment

Bathing the baby will be easier if you are really ready with all the equipment. So before starting, prepare the following equipment:

- Baby bath (if there is a body support or bath rubber so that the baby does not slip easily). Put it in a comfortable place according to room temperature and an appropriate height so that your waist doesn't hurt.

- Water thermometer

- Soft washlap or baby bath sponge

- Baby towels

- Equipment for cleaning the umbilical cord (bandages, cotton wool, betadine, plaster, cotton buds)

- Equipment for later use (baby clothes, diapers, powder, telon oil)

Baby Bathing Stage

- Prepare a tub filled with water with a sufficient amount and temperature for the baby (about 30-32 degrees Celsius)

- Also adjust the room temperature in the bath so that the baby is not cold.

- Place the baby in the bath or on a support. Wet her body gently and clean her eyes, ears, face and folds with a soft cloth.

- Use a special baby soap for the body, rinse gently with water.

- If the baby's hair needs washing, do it on the baby taffel before the baby is put in the bath. Support your head and shoulders with your forearms. Clean the foam on the head with a damp cloth, just rinsed it clean.

 - During the bath, invite your little one to chat or sing a song that soothes him.

- When finished, lift the baby with a warm towel and put his body down.

If you are still in doubt, the midwife or doctor will show you how to bathe the baby that is most suitable for you. Once you master it, you will feel confident doing it.

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