Tips for Dealing with Toddler's First Day at Preschool

The start of preschool will be the big step in a toddler's life to welcome him. Here are tips for dealing with a toddler's first day at preschool.

Both Mother and Little One usually feel excited, happy but also nervous and scared. For your little one, the main fear of getting to preschool is that they don't know what's there and what to do in preschool.

The information below can make your little one's first day more enjoyable and organized.

Tips for Handling Your Little One's First Day at Preschool

- Be consistent

Consistency is the key to making preschool routines easier for your little one. Always having regularity every day will make your little one more disciplined.

Make it a habit to say goodbye briefly but memorable, so that your little one gets used to it. .By getting used to things like this, it will reduce the risk of your little one being fussy when parting with Mother.

- Let the teacher be involved

Ideally, your little one's preschool teacher is experienced, caring and warm. Where he can always meet the attention your Little One needs in class.but there is nothing wrong if you provide important information about your little one, which the teacher needs to know, so that the teacher can apply some of the same techniques in class. Also make sure the teacher knows if your little one has certain medical conditions, such as food allergies.

- Prepare Favorite Objects at Home

Let your little one bring a safety object to preschool, it is an object that can remind him of home. This serves to erase his nervousness and fear of entering preschool.

If he doesn't have a safety object or a favorite object such as a doll or blanket, you can bring him his favorite storybook or a bottle of his favorite drink and they can suck his thumbs too. This object that makes her feel safe and comfortable may mean nothing to you, but it can give your little one a sense of security in a new environment.

- Handle the Farewell Process

Maybe you are tempted to accompany your little one in class on her first day at preschool, or want to keep peeking inside the classroom and make your little one confident because you believe you are around. But when Mother suddenly leaves without your little one's knowledge, she will feel even more disappointedThe best way to handle the separation process with your little one starts with Mom dropping your little one off at school and sitting by her side for a few moments. Mother does not need to interact with your little one and let him start playing or being busy with his toys, Mother's presence by his side is a protector. Seeing him already participating in an activity is a good sign for Mom to go.

- Don't compare your little one

Mother, don't compare your little one with her peers. Respect the process of developing and adapting your little one to the environment. This is a great way to make your little one's transition process smoother.

- Avoid Visiting Suddenly

When you have successfully left your little one in preschool, avoid the temptation to go back to the class and check on her condition, also don't contact your little one's teacher or school too often.

Give trust to the teacher and believe in yourself; You must be sure you have chosen the best decision, which is choosing the best preschool for your little one.

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