Tips For Smooth Breast Milk Production

New mothers sometimes worry about not being able to meet their baby's needs for milk. This fear is very natural. But you don't need to worry too much, here are tips for milk production to keep it smooth

Understand the mechanism of breastfeeding so that breast milk becomes smooth

Understanding the mechanism of milk release, helps mothers to be able to breastfeed smoothly. During breastfeeding, there are several reflexes from mother and baby that are important to know.

Breastfeeding certainly requires mother's patience in learning to breastfeed, expressing milk and recognizing the tendencies of your little one's behavior when breastfed.

Not only Mother, your little one is also adapting. Babies learn to breastfeed and stimulate milk production while the mother learns to breastfeed and produce milk.

The more regular and long the baby sucks, the more milk you will produce. This is what proves that the inner relationship between Mother and Little One will be one of the keys in the breastfeeding process. Another key to success in the breastfeeding process is being calm and doing it with pleasure. A relaxed and confident atmosphere will help the flow of milk smooth.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that based on the results of the study, it is known that only 2% of mothers are biologically insufficient in their milk production. The rest, 95-98% can produce enough milk for the baby. Starting from that understanding, you will naturally calm down in breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is something special for Mother and Little One, in addition to maintaining the health of Mother and Little One, breastfeeding also engages deeper emotional bonds.

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