Toddler Diet

Mothers can get used to a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and start by preparing an attractive menu for toddlers.

Many things can be done to help toddlers eat and get the nutrients they need. Nutrition is very important for optimal toddler growth.

Plan regular meal times

• Routines are important for toddlers, so keep a schedule for meals and snacks every day. Do not plan to eat near the nap time of your little one, because maybe he will be too tired to eat.

• Provide a healthy snack, two or three times a day. Try fresh fruit chunks, boiled vegetables, biscuits, small sandwiches, or cheese slices.

• Don't give them too much to drink because it will fill them up when it's time to eat.

• Train him to eat alone in the dining chair. Let your little one decide how much food he needs at each meal. They will know when they are full and when they are hungry.

Feeding your little one requires patience and creativity. Many mothers complain because their toddlers refuse to eat and are very selective with the food served. Almost all toddlers have a habit of liking only one type of food a day.

Besides, vegetables or fruit are the most difficult foods for them to like. Even though your little one also needs nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Actually, what foods does your little one need in one day?

Your little one needs about 1000-1300 calories per day. But in fact, these calorie needs will be difficult to meet if your little one refuses to eat. So that mothers also have to be smart about their diet, so that their calorie needs are met.

Toddlers usually don't want to eat three large meals in one day. Usually your little one only has the appetite for one big meal and a few small meals or snacks. So that you can figure out how much food you need to prepare.

Tips for a Balanced Diet

Here are some tips that can be used to help them get a balanced diet:

• Offer snacks in a large, attractive container. Serve the food in colorful cups, custard tins or muffin tins, let it explore the food.

• Make sauces from different types of vegetables or meat. Give small meals in the form of bread, biscuits or vegetables and serve them with the sauce that you have made from various types of vegetables / meat.

• Form a sandwich or pizza using a cookie cutter, serve in small portions.

• Serve all meals in small portions. Never serve large portions, because the stomach capacity is still quite small. If your little one doesn't want to finish the food, don't save the rest of the food. Try offering the same food again a few hours later. If your little one refuses, give him another food.

• Alternate fruit with vegetables. If he refuses to eat vegetables, try giving him fruit. Mothers can give bananas or avocados as a source of energy when they refuse large meals, so that their blood sugar can be stable and they do not become fussy.

Not all children want to accept new food easily. But you can keep trying to give up several times. If your little one doesn't want to eat three heavy meals a day, give him at least one heavy meal. Mothers can provide calorie dense snacks with balanced nutrition for snacks, for example risol and croquettes, etc.

The most important thing you have to remember about your little one's diet is to always prepare small portions of food and check their weight every month. If he is losing weight, consult a doctor, but as long as his weight does not show a decrease, you should not worry.

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