Toddlers Need Sleep

Toddler Sleep

Maintain his immune system by adopting a regular sleep pattern and meeting his sleep needs. So that toddlers stay healthy and their physical development continues to develop.

Along with the development of his age who has become a toddler, your little one's sleep needs will change. If previously he needed 2-3 hours of nap time for 1-2 times, now he can take one nap in 2 hours. While at night, the sleep time also changes, which is around 12-13 hours.

Almost all children under five have experienced sleep problems, especially for children aged 12-24 months. But if there is less sleep, it can affect the body and its development.

The Impact of Your Little One Lack of Sleep

Things that can be caused by lack of sleep include:

  • Trouble waking up in the morning. So that he is less enthusiastic about doing physical activities that are usually done by children his age.
  • Reduced appetite which makes it unable to move.
  • Decreased body metabolism, this occurs due to lack of physical activity which, if allowed to continue, causes your little one to find it difficult to be active.

If the three things above continue to happen, then your little one's immune system can be disrupted. So that he becomes susceptible to disease. To avoid bad effects on his immune system, make sure your little one gets an appropriate sleep routine.

Provide food according to their needs, so that their immune system is strong and avoid disease.

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