5 Factors That Cause Miscarriage or Abortion In Pregnant Women

One of the causes of bleeding in the first and second trimester of pregnancy is a miscarriage or abortion, which can cause complications of severe bleeding, so that the patient can fall into a state of shock, perforation, infection, fatal kidney failureand death of pregnant women and fetuses.Yes, a severe abortion can cause maternal death, among others, due to bleeding and infection. The bleeding that occurs can cause anemia, which can increase the risk of death.

prospective mothers and fathers must understand and pay attention to the factors that cause miscarriage as follows.

1. Fetal factor

Growth abnormalities in the fetus are the most common causes of miscarriage in the first trimester.

As explained in a report in the Idea Nursing Journal, it is explained that the cause of miscarriage is due to a chromosomal abnormality that is generally unknown. however, it may be caused by genetic disorders such as a single mutation, multiple diseases, and possibly multiple paternal factors.

2. Parental factors

pregnant women have a 10-25 percent risk of experiencing an abortion. Increasing gestational age will increase the risk of miscarriage.

The risk of miscarriage is 15 percent at the age under 35 years, 20-35 percent at the age 35-45 years, and the risk is more than 50 percent at the age over 45 years.

According to a report in the 2015 Indonesian Journal of Public Health, as many as 10 percent of abortions occurred in women aged less than 20 years, 20 percent occurred at the age of 35-39 years, and 50 percent at the age of 40-45 years.

The father's age is also at risk for the incidence of abortion. The incidence rate increases by 12-20 percent in fathers who are over 40 years old. Older male age can cause chromosome translocation in sperm, which can lead to abortion.

3. Lifestyle factors

According to a report in the Higieia Journal of Public Health Research and Development in 2017, it was explained that smoking would increase a woman's risk of miscarriage due to chromosomal abnormalities.

Women who smoked more than 14 cigarettes per day were twice as likely to have a miscarriage as women who did not smoke.

Miscarriage can also occur as a result of frequent consumption of alcohol during the first 8 weeks of pregnancywomen who drank three cups of coffee per day were noted to have a 3 percent risk of miscarriage and infant mortality, while women who drank an average of or more than eight cups of coffee a day had a risk of spontaneous abortionup to 75 percent and a 2.7-fold risk of fetal death.4. Environmental factors.

Several cases of miscarriage occurred after the mother had a traffic accident. Apart from accidents, physical abuse and sexual abuse can also be the cause of a miscarriage.

5. Family factors

Families and couples who are not cooperative with pregnant women will cause the mother's psychological condition to become unstable. Continued stress, of course, does not only affect the mother, but also the fetus she is carrying.

Those are some of the factors that cause miscarriage or abortion that pregnant women can experience. Therefore, keep your health as best as possible, carry out routine pregnancy controls, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and provide the best support for pregnant women.

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