5 Misguided Theory About Training Children To Be Independent

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Can children still be spoiled?

Which parent doesn't want their child to be independent quickly? Is it true that the sooner the child is independent, the better? Parents are indeed the first door to teach children's independence from childhood. Starting from teaching him to take care of himself to delivering him to be financially independent.

In the process, there are still many parents who mistake their children for independence. Come on, understand what parents need to pay attention to so that they don't get mistaken when training children's independence.

1. An independent child does not mean he is free from mistakes

In training children's independence, some parents still give the doctrine that there are only two choices in life, if it doesn't work, it will fail. Children who are trying to be independent in one area, end up feeling depressed because they are afraid of failing, they can even get tormented when they don't succeed.

Whereas parents can replace the word fail with a wiser sentence such as, "If you don't succeed, then you can learn better." Aren't we better because we learn from mistakes?

2. Independent children do not mean to free their parents from hassles

Independent children do reduce the level of inconvenience of parents. Training children to eat, bathe, and even cook themselves is important, but not to release parents from their roles. As long as you are a parent, that's as long as your farm is for the occasional "hassle" kids.

Try to imagine, when you are already in college and away from your parents. When you return to your hometown, is there any desire for you to be persuaded by your mother even though you are already independent and can cook by yourself? In fact, the child still has the instincts of the child and the parents remain in their role.

3. Establishing a child does not mean ignoring his feelings

For example, a child falls off a bicycle and cries. because parents want their child to be independent, he also ignores the child who whines for a hug. With the excuse that children are able to solve their own problems, parents let children stop crying on their own. This attitude is actually still wrong.

Understand that the child has feelings and thoughts. It's okay to hug him when the child really needs it. Train children's independence in this case, not in the context. Parents can hone their child's problem solving skills at many other moments without having to ignore their feelings.

4. Independent children do not mean they don't need to be pampered

When the child is able to do all the activities on his own, don't forget that he also wants to feel the parents' attention by being pampered occasionally. For example, children are good at reading fairy tale books and sleeping independently. Well, there is nothing wrong with parents to occasionally read stories and accompany children to sleep.

When a child is proficient at cycling independently to school, it is okay for parents to occasionally drop off their pick-up school. That's a form of attention that children miss. It's different if the child cannot be independent and only wants to go to school when picked up and picked up. This is just a name to spoil a child too much.

5. Demands that the child be financially independent regardless of maturity and faith

Teaching entrepreneurship to children does not start with how to make as much money as possible, but how we are responsible for that money. Teach morals before achievement. It is also important to gradually adjust the child's independence according to their age.

For example, children are able to pay their own tuition fees, even boarding fees and meals independently. When a parent reprimands a child for one thing, a child without morality may say, "What right do parents have in controlling me?" This is where the importance of imparting knowledge before charity.

Those are some mistakes in training children's independence. Hopefully parents can be more aware of the importance of properly instilling independence.

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