5 Reasons Parents Need To Let Children Learn From Mistakes

I will go to school

Do not be rushed to be corrected or even blamed

Every parent always wants their children to be kind and free from mistakes. Naturally, because the hope of parents is success for children. But, is it true that successful people never make mistakes? In fact, those who are successful have gone through failure time and time again.

Many parents rush to correct their children's mistakes, for example when their little one has trouble tying shoelaces or buttoning clothes. Parents want to correct and help immediately.

In fact, it is very important to give children the opportunity to learn from the mistakes they made. For more details, consider the following description of the need to let children learn from mistakes.

1. Children learn responsibility from the consequences they receive for their mistakes

For example, a child's writing toolbox is left at home, parents rush to take it to school. In fact, children need to learn to accept the consequences for their mistakes. He will learn that negligence cost him the consequences, such as punishment from the teacher. This is what is meant by children learning responsibility.

2. So that the child understands that he can get up again after falling

Mistakes help children learn to develop skills. He will look for ways to improve himself over and over again. Without even blaming parents, children actually feel uncomfortable with their mistakes. Therefore, please support them. Let the child develop the skills necessary to correct his mistakes.

3. Increase self-reliability or the ability to be a reliable person

When children are allowed to accept the consequences for their mistakes, they will learn that the wrong actions should not be repeated. It is the children themselves who must have the awareness to change, not their parents. When this awareness arises, the child will become a person who can be relied on for any problems he faces.

4. Can reduce the risk of excessive anxiety later in life

This is the positive impact of letting children learn from mistakes, of course, if parents support and guide children to get up. Conversely, children will tend to worry and fear failing to try new experiences when parents are accustomed to blaming the child's mistakes. He will judge that failure is embarrassing, so that children are easily anxious and prefer to hide their failures.

5. Successfully learning from mistakes can increase children's self-confidence

For example a child fails to cook fried rice for the first time because it tastes weird and doesn't taste good. The second and third try may still not be pleasant. But he continued to learn from his mistakes until he finally succeeded in making super delicious fried rice. Immediately, that success will make him confident to learn to cook other menus. Children will understand that their abilities are greater than their mistakes.

Those are some important reasons why parents need to allow children to make mistakes every now and then. Parents, don't be in a hurry to correct or even blame your child, OK!

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