5 Reasons You Need to Reduce Your Dependence on Parents


Good for yourself

most parents probably don't mind supporting their children indefinitely. It doesn't matter whether they are rich or not, but rather how much they love them. The point is, they don't want their children to have difficulties in any way. If you are lucky to have parents who are always supportive of you, trying to provide for whatever you need or ask for, then you should start learning to be more independent. Your dependence on both needs to be reduced continuously for the following reasons:

1. Let you be better prepared when your parents are no longer there for you

Age, no one knows. but in common sense, you must still prepare yourself for those times. Especially if at this time your parents are also getting sick.

Even though they always try to look okay in front of you because they don't want you to be sad or thinking, they will definitely be relieved if you become more independent. Believe me, when the worst does happen, your independence will really help you to rise from suffering and move on.

2. Let you have the opportunity to take turns to rely on them

It would be a great satisfaction for you if you could do a lot for your parents.even if they don't ask, if you are already working and have a decent income, what's wrong with helping them to live their old age more comfortably?

Even if you don't depend on your parents anymore, it will be easier for them to tell you their problems. They have friends to share their hearts with. Because in the twilight period, sometimes they have a lot to think about and want to do but they are hampered by their physical condition which has deteriorated considerably.

3. You will look more mature in the eyes of others

On the other hand, if you are an adult but still rely on your parents, you will be labeled a kolokan. Even though your interactions with your parents occur mostly at home, away from the eyes and ears of your friends, this will still be visible.

For example, there is a need with your friends who need a rather large contribution, you ask for time so you can wait for transfers from your parents. If you have to make a decision about something, you will also first ask your parents about it. You can't act faster let alone take responsibility.

4. You become better prepared to lead others

You may be wondering, what does reducing dependence on your parents have to do with being a leader for others? Of course it is very related because in fact, everyone is a leader for himself.

The problem is, if your dependence on your parents is big, it means you can't lead yourself. You are still under the leadership of your parents. Nothing still needs to be ordered or reminded. If it's like this, of course it is impossible for you to take on a bigger leadership task, namely leading other people.

5. Build your confidence

By reducing dependence on your parents, you will automatically prove that you can handle many things in your life alone. Even though you often need to put in more effort just to solve one problem, once you succeed it will boost your confidence in your abilities.

You will no longer find reasons to feel inferior and will truly feel like an adult. Not just increasing age and increasing physique. Interesting right? so, let's practice your independence as a form of your love for your parents and of course for yourself because it's good for you.

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