6 Reasons Parents Need To Build Closeness with Children

closeness with children

Even if you are single, that doesn't mean you don't need to know much about parenting. So that someday you won't be confused anymore when it's time to become a parent. If you learn suddenly, there must be many things that fail to understand properly.

There are a lot of children who have never been close to their own parents? Or maybe, you also experience it? Therefore, the activeness of parents in approaching children is very necessary. The following reasons and a full explanation.

1. If the child is older and has many friends outside, it will be difficult to approach

The time for the child to be fully in the house is not long, you know. Especially nowadays children start school earlier. Around the age of three, many children enter kindergarten. Not to mention taking this lesson.

From then on, the time children spend outside the home with their friends and teachers will continue to increase. It was felt more when he was a teenager and then he grew up. Of course this has become a stage that he should go through.

it's just that, also not without consequences. If parents don't build closeness with their children from the start, things might be too late. The position of parents in the eyes of children has been increasingly displaced by friends and even teachers who feel more concerned about him.

2. So that parents really know the growth and development, character, and problems of children

Not a few parents who do not understand their own children. Don't know their true character, their desires, and the problems they are facing. Even if you live at home.

Yes, physical closeness does not guarantee parents and children are also emotionally close. For example, because of the attitude of parents who are too distant from their children and rarely chat. consequently, as the children get older, there will be more frequent misunderstandings between them.

Sometimes it even ends in a great fight. Children feel incomprehensible. on the other hand, just because they are so much older, parents feel they know everything. Misunderstanding like this can be prevented if they are really close psychologically.

3. So that parents always remember the main goal toil

Have you ever seen or even experienced the types of parents who are successful at work, have a lot of wealth, but are very stingy or don't care about their own children? whether the reason is that work takes up his time or doesn't want to 'spoil' the child, this is clearly wrong.

It is true that parents should not spoil their children so that in giving anything to them they must be adjusted to their needs and reasonableness. But if a child's needs are neglected even though the parents are actually capable, of course it is not true, right?

Likewise, the high activity of parents cannot be used as a justification for him to be away from his own children. Think again, why work up to that hard if not for children? If only for ourselves, how much do we need?

closeness with children

4. So that until adulthood, children do not forget sweet memories with their parents

Kids are good recorders. Moreover, everything related to the people closest to him. This memory will carry over until he becomes an adult. So, it is very important to create memories of the closeness of the relationship between parents and children from an early age.

Because it is not actually the distance from abroad or the child's marriage that keeps them away from their parents, but rather the memory of their closeness so far. And to create memorable memories, of course it can't be done instantly, right?

5. So that in the twilight, parents are not lonely

Continuing the explanation of the previous point. When parents are young enough, the bad consequences of not being close to their own children may not be felt. Parents have so many distractions, such as busy work.

Parents are also still very healthy so they can do so many things on their own. But someday, when parents are no longer working and physically and mentally weakened, parents will feel very lonely.

children who have migrated or have started their own families rarely return home or just contact. Even if the children still live in the same house, their unusual communication will make each one seem to have their own world.

6. So that the words of the parents are heard more by children

Come on, try to imagine with yourself. Which would you listen to more between advice from someone who is really close to you, knows almost everything about you, or advice from someone who feels strange?

Of course you will trust the words of the first person more, right? Likewise in children obey the words of the parents. If they have been close from a long time ago, the child will put a lot of trust in his every word. If not, the child will act indifferently.

It's really bad if the parent-child relationship is only listed on official documents such as a family card. But in fact, there is no emotional closeness between them in their daily life.

later you become a parent, you must enjoy your role. Be actively involved in the child's life, don't just be cold and keep your distance. Later you will be really far, nothing else can bridge your relationship.

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