6 Stories That The Mother Can Read to The Fetus, Not Just Fairy Tales!

Babies can learn the mother's voice naturally. The diaphragm, which moves when the mother speaks, will make the sound stand out even more when the baby hears it. so the facts revealed in the journal Acta Paediatrica.

Therefore, you can carry out useful interactions such as telling stories. This can help stimulate the child and is good for brain development. The following is the story that the mother can read to the fetus.

1. Read the fable

The first story that can be read is the fable. You can tell stories played by animal characters and convey the good message of the story.

For example, the story of the clever hare, the brave lion, or about the ants who are diligent in working together. You can also add animal sound effects so that your child gets to know them more.

2. Read folk tales

Many stories have developed in the middle of people's lives since ancient times. these stories are called folk tales. This one story can be introduced to children from the womb.

The values ​​and messages conveyed from folklore are very good and good for life. For example, the folklore of Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih and the story of Batu Menangis.

3. Tell stories using foreign languages

There are some parents who want their children to master several languages. Mothers can start to introduce the language when the child is still in the womb. This is because the fetus is able to hear and at birth, can be familiar with the language.

Mothers will also find it easier to teach. mothers can tell simple things such as inspiring stories from fiction and nonfiction. Inviting him to chat in a foreign language, you can also do.

4. Tells your childhood

by telling your childhood, the child in the womb can know the family tree and can provide stimulation to be ready to be born. You can also tell about the childhood of the father which helps the child get a strong bond from both parents.

5. Tell the story of the examples of the Prophet and the Apostle

There are many stories from the Prophet and Apostles that can be used as examples. You can read these good values ​​and tell them while stroking your stomach, while praying that your child will have the qualities like his role models.

6. Telling stories of fun

pregnant women must always be happy and have a positive aura. That way, the child will be infected and affected by what the mother gives. Fetal development will take place well.

Telling fun things in the mother's life, will comfort the baby in the stomach. Add expression and intonation to make it even more fun. Avoid telling sad things and things that provoke emotions, huh!

those are some stories that can be read to the fetus by pregnant women. May be useful!

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