6 Tips on Gardening with Children,

Gardening with children

To strengthen bonding with children, we can design fun activities with them. One of them is gardening.

It's not too difficult, you can follow the 7 tips below to make gardening for your little family feel easy and fun. Listen, yes!

1. Trust the child to contribute directly

The first step that must be taken is to give the child a sense of trust to contribute directly. This can be started by giving them their own space to plant the things they love in the garden.

This will foster a sense of self-confidence and a sense of personal responsibility for the child.

2. Starting from planting simple things

You can direct children to start from something simple. From something that can be planted in a small pot to a larger area of ​​land.

Teach them slowly how to care for and protect the plant from the basics. Too large a planting area or plants that are too difficult to care for, may overwhelm them.

3. Plant plants that can be consumed, then process and enjoy with them

One of the most important tricks you can follow is to plant something they can consume. Starting from vegetables to fruits.

After these plants can be processed, you can invite your children to cook them together. Then, serve the results of your cooking with your family!

These tips can make children appreciate the food they consume more. In addition, they will feel proud and confident because their efforts have yielded sweet fruit.

4. Let the child play with insects or animals that appear in the garden

Some types of plants can attract insects or certain animals. Ranging from caterpillars to butterflies. Let children interact directly with them.

In addition, you can also invite your children to make DIY bird feeders so that birds can visit your garden. The child's sense of creativity and compassion grows.

5. Decorate the garden with the child with recycled items

In order for children to feel interested every day to visit the garden, you can invite them to decorate it together. Use recycled items and search the internet for inspiration, from plant signage to garden tools. Let your little ones be creative freely, yes!

6. Capture those precious moments in a gardening journal

So that these precious moments can be captured properly, you can take pictures of your gardening moments and print them. Then, paste the photo results in a journal book.

Besides being good for memory in the future, you can see the changes that have occurred in the home garden. Free the children to write or draw the things they want in the journal. This could be a fun family bonding moment, here!

So that's 6 tips for gardening with children. Hopefully the tips help, yes!

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