Becoming A Role Model Parent for Children is Easy, Here are 5 Ways!

role model parent

You don't have to be the perfect parent to be a role model

All adults who are parents want to be role models for their children. However, role models are often described for someone who is perfect, even though you don't need to be a role model parent doesn't mean you have to be flawless.

And it's not as difficult as people think, being a role model for children can actually be done easily, here are five ways. Come see!. 

1. As it is, it doesn't have to be a perfect person

The first way to become a role model for your child is to act as is and not force yourself to look perfect. Because when children grow up, they will have more respect for adults who are genuinely good, rather than forcing themselves to look good. And parents are certainly adults, right.

2. Tell the good and bad sides of a thing without imposing

The second way is to tell the good and bad sides of something without being pushy. For example, children are confused by a choice, now parents who are often used as role models are those who tell the pros and cons of that choice without influencing them to choose one. Because in this way children feel freer in choosing.

3. Not authoritarian and gives children the opportunity to make their own choices

then the third way if you want to be a role model parent is not to be authoritarian and to give children the opportunity to choose. Don't demand or order your child to do what you want. because actually no one likes to be ordered around, including children.

4. Do not exemplify bad things

Then the fourth way is by not modeling bad things in children. whether it's bad habits, bad attitude, rude attitude, or even a toxic relationship. Because children must make people who are wise and good in their eyes as role models, right? Not even the one who teaches bad things.

5. Good personality and open minded

Parents who are open-minded and have a good personality are also an easy way to become role models for their children. Teach children good things in everyday life and become a wise person who can understand themselves, because children need an open minded parent who can accept changes and differences in themselves gracefully.

From some of the previous ways it is clear that being a role model parent is not as difficult as it seems, right. Let's get used to it from now on!

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