Children Have Difficulty Eating, What to Do?

Unfortunately, there are still many parents who just let their children have difficulty eating as a natural thing. .in fact, this condition affects the child's weight. Weight that is not ideal or less can cause problems for his health in the future.

The study of 985 infants evaluated to 8 years of age or school age, showed that children were low birth weight and were underweight or not for their age, showed cognitive scores and. A cademic is lower than that of children who have ideal body weight.children who are underweight are also at risk of developing failure and a higher risk of infection. 

Some indications can be seen that the body weight is less than peers, difficult to eat or a picky eater, less active and less growth compared to peers his age. 

If you see the symptoms above, do something immediately before it drags on. Talk to your doctor about your problem.

In addition to consulting a doctor, you should also check your child's weight by referring to the WHO growth curve. After you know the child's weight, then check this table to find out if the child's weight is normal or too thin.

Examples of less BB:

Adam is 2 years old and weighs 8.5 kg. In the last 2 months, adam weight did not increase. Is Kezia's body weight already ideal?

Kezia's weight is less because the ideal body weight for Kezia's age is in the range of 10-15 kg.

If after going through weight measurements, the child's weight is indeed less, immediately consult a doctor to increase the child's weight.

The reasons for children having difficulty eating are usually various, it could be because they don't like the food you provide, are bored with the same food menu, or because they are picky.

So, try to make a different full menu every day so you don't get bored. Follow the wishes of the child, and note what he likes and dislikes. In addition, introduce children to healthy foods as early as possible so that children's tastes get used to healthy foods. If it is still difficult to eat, provide high-calorie snacks such as fruit to support their daily activities.

To increase children's nutrition, add a nutrient dense formula. Nutrient-dense formula provides energy of 1.5 kcal / ml which is useful for increasing food intake and nutritional status of children. Clinical trials prove nutrient dense formula can increase body weight in 4 weeks. This formula is also rich in dietary fiber which can maintain a healthy digestive tract.

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