The Benefits of Rubbing The Stomach During Pregnancy


In fact, there are many benefits when the mother strokes the stomach during pregnancy, especially for fetal development.

Did you know that stroking the belly during pregnancy does not only have positive benefits for the mother-to-be, but also for the baby?

When pregnant, mother's hands can't seem to get out of the stomach. Moreover, the older the mother's pregnancy, the bigger the stomach, usually making the mother more frequent stroking her stomach. For mothers, touching and rubbing the stomach can have a calming effect. Besides that, this is also a way for mothers to communicate with their children in the womb. However, did you know that the movement of rubbing or stroking the stomach not only has positive benefits for the mother-to-be, but also for the baby?

The benefits of rubbing the belly of a pregnant woman

Entering 8 weeks of gestation, the fetus in the stomach is sensitive to mother's touch. So, when the mother rubs or strokes the stomach, the baby in the womb actually begins to feel the touch that is given. If for the mother, stroking the stomach is a way of "communicating" and feeling closer to the fetus, it turns out that stroking the stomach has positive benefits for the fetus. Let's see what are the benefits of rubbing or stroking the stomach for the baby when you are pregnant.

1. Provide stimulation for babies so that they are active while in the womb

A study by researchers from the University of Dundee, Scotland, found that babies were more active when their mother stroked their stomach than when their mother was doing nothing.

2. Build a Strong Bond with the Baby

The more often you interact with your baby, whether it's through a touch in the form of a rub on the stomach, talking to him, or even singing, the baby will find it easier to recognize him when he is born. This can certainly strengthen the bonding between mother and baby.

3. Make Baby Feel Comfortable

The first sense to develop in a fetus is the sense of touch. At the age of 8 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus can already feel your touch. So, if later the baby is fussy in the stomach, you can try to calm him down by rubbing the stomach.

4. Stimulates Brain Development

Even in the womb, babies need stimulation to optimize brain development. For this reason, mothers need to provide stimulation, one of which is in the form of touch, to stimulate fetal brain development.

Pediatrician and neurologist, dr. Nelson, SpA (K), said "The child's brain has begun to form since the beginning of pregnancy, as well as the skin which turns out to have been formed and functioning at 8 weeks of gestation. To be able to develop properly, the brain needs not only food, but also stimulation.The earliest stimulation of the unborn baby that can be done is to stimulate the baby's skin by touching the skin of the mother's stomach. gentle touch is proven to be a valuable stimulation for the baby's brain development. In some studies, tactile stimulation is considered to be balanced, even better, than providing stimulation in the form of songs or sounds to the unborn baby. "

Things to Do When Rubbing the Stomach

So that the mother and the baby in the womb both get positive benefits from the movement of the stomach rubbing, then this activity of rubbing the stomach should be done in the right steps. Some things you can do when rubbing your stomach are:

1. Use soft wipe

Avoid rubbing the abdominal area with too hard and strong pressure. You can rub the stomach using gentle and slow movements. make small O or C movements using your palms as you rub your stomach. Dr. Nelson SpAk added, “Since the fetus is 27-30 weeks old, he has also started to learn about pain. therefore, be sure to touch gently rather than hard as this can stimulate pain in the fetus. "

2. Regulate breathing

While rubbing the stomach, adjust your breathing. take a deep breath and exhale slowly to relax Mom even more. You can also imagine how it feels to hold your beloved baby while rubbing your stomach to bring positive thoughts.

The gentle touch of a mother when rubbing the stomach provides many positive benefits for both the mother and the baby who is in the stomach. So, you don't need to hesitate to rub your stomach frequently during pregnancy, huh.

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