Too Involved In Child Affairs, 5 Signs You Are Including Helicopter Parent

This parenting style has a negative impact on the child's personality

As parents, we all want to do whatever is best for our children. But without realizing it, sometimes what we think is good actually has a bad impact on children. One of them is helicopter parenting parenting. Just as the name suggests, helicopter parenting is a parenting scheme in which parents fly over children and watch them at all times like a helicopter.

As a result, this parenting makes it difficult for children to manage themselves, their emotions, get used to hope, and much more. For that, we must immediately become aware of helicopter parenting behavior and immediately change it for the good of the child.

signs need to linger, here are some helicopter parenting signs that you need to be aware of.

1. Can not be away from the child

Helicopter parenting parents tend to be with the child all the time. Like, getting him anywhere, even when the distance to his destination was very short. Always by your child's side when they are playing. Or often contact children's friends to confirm the condition of your child.

Even though you do this solely to monitor the condition of your child, this can make the child feel uncomfortable, lack self-confidence, and find it difficult to be independent, you know. Instead, provide space for freedom while maintaining boundaries for children so that they can grow up to be independent and courageous children.

2. Serving children like a personal assistant

If you still often make the bed, prepare food, and wash the clothes of your child who is no longer a child, this means you are a helicopter parent. Even though you do this as a form of affection, this habit makes it difficult for children to develop a sense of responsibility.

From now on, lighten your burden and make children more responsible. Teach children to do light homework, be responsible for whatever belongs to him, and give praise for what he did well.

3. Not letting the child take risks

Paying attention to the safety of children who are actively moving is a good thing, but don't let you become too restrictive and prohibit children from doing anything. For example, worrying too much or even forbidding children to learn to ride a bicycle. Follow the child around while on the playground. Forbid children to take items that are placed in a slightly high place.

You need to know, this makes them unaccustomed to taking physical or mental risks that can hinder development or even make children timid. The best you can do is give them physical protection as much as possible, such as wearing a helmet and knee pads when a child is just learning to ride a bicycle.

Then if the child falls while running, immediately clean the wound and put a bandage on. The few injuries that children get from doing these new activities are better for their growth as a person than for children who are forbidden to do anything for fear of being hurt.

Play with Father

4. Too interfere with the problems of children and their social environment

Think back to what you did when your child came home crying after fighting with his friend. If you become emotional then repay your child's friends 'actions or take turns making calculations with your child's friends' parents, that means you are a helicopter parent.

You must not always interfere in children's affairs, especially fighting with children is a common thing, especially when children make up easily after a conflict. Instead, become a support system, without getting too involved in his business. Listen to what children say, teach children to calm their emotions, then help him find ways that he and his friends can solve their problems.

5. You do your child's schoolwork

Teaching and helping children do their schoolwork can help children understand lessons and increase the closeness of children and parents. But, don't let you go too far and even take over all his schoolwork. Indeed, as a parent, seeing a child confused doing schoolwork sometimes makes you feel sorry for it, but believe me, a healthy level of stress can actually improve a child's problem-solving skills.

Instead, let the children think and complete tasks on their own and help them when faced with difficult situations. Also, praise their effort at doing the tasks themselves.

Often times, what we think is good for kids turns out to be the opposite, including helicopter parenting. For that, if you still apply the above parenting styles, let's change them immediately for the good of children's development.

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