5 Benefits of Apologizing to Children after Scolding Them

Apologizing to Children

Sometimes parents choose to be assertive or even scold their children when disciplining them. This needs to be done in several ways so as not to have a bad effect on the child himself. Get angry just naturally, get angry without using physical or hurtful words and so on.

Next, what should we do after being angry with children. It is better if we also need to apologize to them. The 5 benefits of apologizing to children after scolding them are as follows.

1. So that children are not disappointed and hurt their parents

We are supposed to be very clever in behaving and dealing with children. Making mistakes can make them disappointed, even hurt their parents. For example, when we are already angry with children, we should also be able to apologize to them.

This is done so that children are not already disappointed and hurt by their parents. Apologizing is not a difficult thing, really, when our children already feel hurt towards us, it will be a sad thing. It could be that the feeling carried over to her adulthood and made a bad memory for her.

2. Too hard on the child will actually get him far

Even though it's for the sake of goodness as an excuse for us to be angry with our children, there's nothing wrong with apologizing afterward. This is because if we are too hard on children, it can actually keep us away from them. Children will feel that they are not what their parents want, so they often get angry.

Children slowly think that their parents don't really care about them. As a result, the relationship between the two slowly has boundaries to make children stay away from their parents. We as parents also need to be more understanding towards them.

3. Can indirectly teach children to apologize to others

Even though it seems trivial, the habit of apologizing to children after we scold them can indirectly teach children to apologize to others. This is very important to form a mature person in the future.

By apologizing, children also know what it means to respect others and also have the courage to admit mistakes. Parents often forget this important thing, even though it can affect the child's maturity.

children to apologize to others

4. Train children to be able to forgive someone

The habit of parents who often apologize to their children after getting angry with them will have a positive impact on their children. Besides being able to teach children to apologize, it also teaches them to be able to forgive others. It is very important for this to be done because it instills virtuous values ​​in children from an early age.

There is a feeling of patience and sincerity that our child will have when he grows up. In addition, forgiving other people's mistakes also teaches children to be able to respect others so they have a high sense of empathy.

5. So that the child is touched by his heart and understands what the parents expect

When we are only angry with the child when he is guilty or disobedient to the parents, it should not continue without our expression of apologies to him. Even though it seems trivial, apologizing to children after we get angry will make children feel touched to make them understand what anger means from us.

It's different when we are angry with him continuously, it is not impossible that children feel disappointed with our attitude. While apologizing, we explain a little reason we are angry with him so that in the future he will not repeat it.

There are many benefits that we can get when we want to apologize to children after we get angry with them. Do not hesitate or prestige!

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