5 Positive Impacts of Drawing Hobbies on Child Development

Drawing Hobbies

One of the art activities favored by all ages, of course, is drawing. Whether it's with crayons, colored pencils, to watercolors. Whatever the medium, drawing is always fun.

But it turns out, this one activity is not only fun. This activity also has a myriad of benefits for children's growth and development. The following has summarized the five benefits of drawing, let's look carefully at the reviews!

1. Train children's focus and concentration

When children draw they try to execute the brilliant ideas in their minds and express them visually. In this process, of course they work hard and put all efforts to realize their masterpieces.

This indirectly trains the children to focus, pay attention, and fully concentrate so that their work can be realized. As we all know, focus and concentration are things that will help children in facing the challenges of the world.

2. Become a place for stimulation of fine motor skills

painting and drawing is a field of art that stimulates fine motor skills or small muscle movements of the body, especially the fingers. It is clear that mastering fine motor skills can be profitable and very useful in crucial activities that are often done today, such as typing and texting.

3. Train eye and finger coordination

Apart from having fun, when drawing and painting children also develop coordination between their eyes and fingers. Your baby will practice making connections between what he does and what he sees. This coordination ability is very important in various fields, one of which is athletics.

4. Become a means of channeling emotions and expression

When drawing, the children are given white paper which they are free to fill with anything without restrictions and without rules. According to research, when drawing, sometimes children can express their emotions, thoughts, and feelings in a unique and memorable work for them. Being able to express these feelings is certainly very good for children's psychological development.

5. Prevents low self-esteem, drawing makes children have self-confidence

In drawing, of course, there is a process of realizing ideas and concepts into concrete forms. When children can realize their ideas, of course, they will feel relieved, happy, self-esteem and confident. They will be confident in their skills and abilities.

Those were the benefits of drawing for child development. hopefully it can inspire and be useful, yes!

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