5 Reasons Why Parents Should Not Scold Their Children in Public

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Every parent wants the best for their child, and hopes that they will grow up to be children who are not spoiled. Publicly scolding children is an attitude that parents still do.

Whatever the children do, don't show anger in front of many people. In addition to embarrassing and traumatized children, it will also be difficult for them to respect their parents. And here are five reasons why parents shouldn't be angry with their children in public.

1. Make the child's self-confidence decrease

Scolding children in public is not the best solution, so they will respect you more. But on the contrary, the child's self-confidence will decrease when scolded in public. When children make parents upset better, talk to children slowly.

And if necessary, if your child's attitude makes you want to get angry, it's best to hold on to your emotions as a parent. After arriving home, just talk about everything to the child and advise him. That would be much better, than parents having to scold their children in public.

2. He will not trust his parents

Children who are always scolded in public, will find it difficult to believe in their parents. The reason is, the child's age is still too young to face this situation. Children will think that their parents do not love them.

So that children will find it difficult to believe what their parents say. So, from now on, don't take the wrong step in educating children. Because children do not have a mature thought and action process, so they need to be directed with love.

3. The child becomes afraid of rejection

The form of parental anger will make the child think that you are rejecting it and do not like its existence. This is what makes children afraid of rejection. When he grows up, he will do everything he can to be accepted by those around him.

Gradually, the child will fall into the wrong associations, because he does not like rejection. therefore, he made friends with many people regardless of the good and the bad.

4. Children will like to be alone

Parents need to pay attention when since childhood, children have liked to be alone, which means that something is wrong. The attitude of parents who like to scold him in public, this makes the child will be quiet and like to be alone.

Mother and Children

When this happens, it will be difficult for children to tell what they are feeling. As a result, children become closed and parents find it difficult to educate children.

5. Make children dare to fight their parents

Don't let your parents scold children in public, make them even more courageous to fight against you. Apart from holding back the shame, the child will feel hurt. 

Sometimes when angry, parents cannot control their attitude and speech. This is what makes children dare to fight you, because parents alone don't set a good example. He will imitate his parents' attitude and throw it out in a defiant manner.

A good parent really understands the needs of his child. And the child's need is love and attention, not even scolding.

Try to be more patient with parents in dealing with children, who act out in public. They are still children, and it's time for parents to set good examples.

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