5 The Result When Children Are Depressed Parents' Ambition

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Wanting a child who is successful, can be proud of in front of people, and can be relied on makes some parents pressure children with their ambition. Requires children to be able to do this and that, but without realizing it, this act is actually very bad for children.

He may even experience stress from an early age due to the demands of his parents' ambitions, or also lose his happiness as a child. More on this below, so watch some of the consequences carefully.

1. Children can experience stress from an early age

As a result, the first is if the child is depressed by the ambitions of his parents, he may even experience stress from an early age. It's not just adults who get stressed, kids can also experience it if their life is full of stress and demands. Especially if the parents have high ambitions and force their children to fulfill them.

2. Lose enthusiasm for life

The second result, if a child is depressed by the ambition of his parents, is that he may lose his enthusiasm for life. Regardless of age, if everything in his life is arranged to satisfy his parents' ambitions, he will certainly lose his enthusiasm. Has no desire or desire to do anything in his life.


3. Has no purpose in life that she really wants

Then the third result if the child is stressed by the high ambition of parents is that he might not have a life goal that is really desired. Because all his life he was tired by fulfilling his parents' ambitions. Never felt freedom, so don't know how to want something.

4. Do not know the meaning of his own life that provokes depression as an adult

If children continue to be required to fulfill their parents' ambitions since they were young, causing feelings of stress, it can have a negative impact on themselves as adults. It is not impossible that he is so stressed that he does not know the meaning of his own life, which leads to depression. The stress level is higher.

5. Don't know how to enjoy life and just live the day in monotony

The average child who is raised in an authoritarian way by his parents and must meet all expectations, will as an adult live like a robot. Even if he is successful, he will feel empty because all this time he has only fulfilled the ambitions of his parents. Living in a monotone without having any meaningful things.

If you have ambition, don't force it on your child, otherwise some of the bad consequences will happen to your child. Because he was not born to fulfill the ambitions of parents who are delayed, right.

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