5 Things That Can Make children Lose Their Joy And Sense of Freedom

Because the loss of children's happiness must have a cause

Basically, different types of children are not only influenced by their character, but also other things that they experience at home. Such as a cheerful child, generally based on abundant parental affection and a healthy family environment, is inversely proportional to the moody type of child who could be caused by a lack of affection and proper upbringing fromhis family.

And related to that, this time we will discuss some things that are said to make children lose their joy and sense of freedom. Because children can't be gloomy if there is no cause, right? Come see!

1. Whatever he does is always considered wrong

Parents should know that if a child turns out to be no longer cheerful it may be because of this first thing, that whatever he does is always wrong in your eyes. That nothing he does makes you happy and proud, but always gets criticism that he is still less than perfect. Let's introspect, are you like this to children?

2. Not allowed to do what he wants

Second, when a child grows older, he begins to have his own desires for something. Well, if you forbid him to do what he wants then it is only natural that he feels not free and loses his joy. Because for him you are someone who hinders and limits his happiness.

3. Keep away from his favorite things

What you like may not necessarily be liked by children, as well as children's favorite things that you will not necessarily like either. So it must be sad for him if you keep him away from his favorite things. Children who used to be cheerful can turn out to be quiet and moody if you keep them away from the things they love, be they hobbies, toys, food, or even their favorite activities.

4. Too arranged like a doll

The statement that parents want the best for their children is very true, almost all parents are like that. However, that doesn't mean that your good intentions actually make your child feel like a doll because you keep on managing them. Raise him in an authoritarian way and make yourself in charge of him. This obviously will not lead to a cheerful attitude in the child, instead he feels very tortured and confined.

5. Ignored and given no affection

Then the last thing that can also make a child's joy disappear and take away his freedom is if he is ignored and not given enough love. That parents are just busy working all day long with no time to accompany them. All his happiness as a child can be lost and replaced by feelings of loneliness, you know.

With the five points of the discussion above, of course, it can be a lesson for parents so that their actions do not actually eliminate the joy and sense of freedom of children. So, love your children the best you can!

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