5 Ways to Give Children Room to Develop Their Confidence

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You know it's important for character development!

All parents want the best for their children. If as a child he was always helped to do something and looked after the child strictly, then as he grows older then his treatment must be changed. Parents should give children space for themselves.

not because you don't want to take care of it anymore, but because it is important to do it to develop self-confidence. So if you are confused about how to do it, you can see some of the methods below.

1. Give him the opportunity to solve his own problems

The way to give children space to develop their self-confidence is by giving them the opportunity to solve their own problems. A small example is if he has a problem with a friend, do not interfere if not asked and you think the problem he can still handle on his own.

Because facing problems and being able to solve them is a powerful way to instill self-confidence in children.

2. Train independently slowly

Then the second way is to train it independently slowly. Minimize your involvement in his personal affairs and let him stand alone. So slowly he learns to be able to rely on himself, and his self-confidence will be firmly planted because he feels he can do things on his own without help.

3. Not too intrusive but still supervising

Then the third way that you can do as a parent to give children space to develop their self-confidence is not to interfere with their affairs, but keep an eye on them from afar. The more he grows up, the more things he must be able to solve on his own. Therefore if he continues to depend, when will he be able to believe in his own abilities right?

4. Support him in participating in competitions and develop himself according to his wishes

Well, please also note that helping children develop their self-confidence can actually start when they are young, you know! namely by supporting him in participating in competitions and developing himself according to his wishes. In essence, you have to be a supportive parent so that children's self-confidence can develop properly.

5. Let him choose and be responsible for his choice

The fifth way is to let children make their own choices and are responsible for those choices. Besides being able to develop children's self-confidence, this method also teaches them to learn to make life choices. So when he grows up he already knows which choices are good for him and which are not.

Developing children's self-confidence is actually not difficult, right? So, as parents, remember to always be supportive of every child's good development, huh!

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