5 Ways to Raise Bilingual Children, Need to Read Often!

In this modern and globalized era, of course we need to prepare ourselves. One of them speaks more than one language. Mastering more than one language will make it easier for us to adapt to the world.

Other benefits that we will get from mastering more than one language, can also be in the form of social, economic, and intellectual benefits. If you want to introduce him to your child early on, do the following two languages ​​how to raise a child!

1. Increase the quantity and quality of language

reported by Psychology Today, the number of words children receive in each of their languages, predicts the development of vocabulary and grammar. The more often, the higher the chances of mastering a successful language. for example, a child who hears many words has a larger vocabulary size.

We can also choose a quality way. One of them, often do face-to-face interactions with children using the languages ​​being taught. this method is believed to have a more effective quality.

2. Talk to children using the target language consistently

keeping children speaking in more than one language can be done in several ways. When doing activities, you can mention these activities. Make sure you point, hold, and touch objects while talking so that the child knows what you are saying.

You can also speak with clear, descriptive and positive vocabulary. So that it is more relaxed and the child is receptive, do it while bathing, taking him for a walk, and while doing other fun activities.

3. Don't speak in baby language

You can train bilingual in children from infancy. Babies have the ability to listen and digest the languages ​​they hear long before they are able to speak. Especially, in his first year.

So, don't talk back with baby words. Instead, respond to what they say using words and language commonly used by adults.

even if the baby does not understand the word, the part of the brain that regulates language skills can be stimulated. The more he heard, the more developed parts of his brain. When you start talking, your child will understand the differences in the language you teach.

4. Sing, read, and play

Young children will be more interested in learning languages ​​when accompanied by fun activities. You can do this through songs, books, and play activities.

fill your house with music, chat, reading, and so on. The words associated with the melody make it easier for children to accept and remember them.

5. Consider bilingual education

The last way, you can consider schools that in teaching, use two languages. besides the child will consistently use two languages ​​in several subjects, this will improve his ability to become proficient in language.

according to research in Psychology Today, a two-way in-depth program will also improve children's academic achievement, you know! You can also provide an alternative to language lessons after school or on weekends.

These are some of the ways you can raise a bilingual child. May be useful!


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