Apart from Earning A Living, Here are 5 Important Roles of Fathers in The Family

When it comes to the role of the father in the family, the majority of people will agree that it is the father's job to provide for the family well. it is true, wives and children generally perceive the father figure as the primary source of providing for the family's needs. However, the father's duty in the household is more than just fulfilling materialistic things.

Fathers are also responsible for the development and growth of children. Parents have a big role in the process of child development. In some situations, mothers and fathers have to complement each other's responsibilities.

Apart from earning a living, here are some other duties of a father in the family which are summarized from the All Pro Dad and Find your Mom Tribe pages.

1. Engage and be there for children

As the backbone of the family, the father may work 8 hours a day or more. the work you do may feel mentally tiring and make you feel the need to use the remaining time you have for me time or rest.

Sure, a mother may be able to spend more time with the children if they stay at home, but the children still need their father as much as their mother. Even if you only have a little free time, try to organize yourself so you can interact and be around children. this could involve involving the kids in household tasks for which you are responsible, such as painting fences, cleaning garages, and the like. Or it could be doing something relaxing and fun together.

2. Maintaining healthy marriages and family ties

Maintaining healthy relationships is the foundation of an overall good life, including a happy family. the relationship you maintain with each member of the household is very important and equally important. However, what is most relevant is the relationship with the partner and making sure to be able to find healthy solutions to any disagreements.

Because, a bad husband and wife relationship can affect the lives of children. The worst thing a parent can possibly do to a child is make them suffer through divorce.

Don't get me wrong, maintaining a happy marriage and raising children is not your only responsibility. Taking care of the house and raising children is a joint effort of husband and wife. So, you and your partner need to look after each other and promote mutual respect and understanding. And what must always be remembered, is your job to try to guide your wife as best as possible.

3. Motivator for children

A father sometimes has to be a helper, coach, and friend to his children. Part of your job is to motivate children towards daily productivity and healthy growth.

Please note, children are not always self-motivated to reach their full potential in character, discipline and spiritual growth. this is where the father needs to engage and motivate the child, sometimes in a creative, fun way, and at other times decisively.

4. Be a good role model

children have a tendency to imitate their parents, both father and mother. So, what you do in your daily life and interact with children will greatly affect your child's growth.

It is your responsibility as a father to show children how to calm down in stressful situations, how to defend themselves, and how to treat others with respect. these skills will have a positive impact on children and are very important in directing their further growth.

Not only that, girls will also look for future partners with more or less the same characteristics as their fathers. while boys will look to them for guidance on how to best present themselves as adults.

5. Become a counselor

Although children's life is synonymous with learning, playing, making friends, and not having a lot of responsibility, children can also experience difficulties. sometimes, as adults, it's easy to ignore this because children's problems seem so minor.

Unfortunately, children naturally do not know how to navigate the problems of life that they experience. it is because they are still children and have not been trained in problem solving. Children regularly need direction, answers, and advice. So it is the father's job to be the children's chief counselor and give them advice.

Mom and Dad are two of the most important foundations of a family and children need them both as they grow. That is why fathers need to take a role in taking care of their families and children too.

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