Every Father Has to Provide Boys with These 5 Things, For His Future!

Although the roles of father and mother are equally important in the upbringing and education of children, boys generally make their father their role model. that is why it is very important for fathers to instill good values, as a provision for his future.

There are a number of things that fathers must instill in their sons, so that in the future, they are able to grow up to be real male figures, which can be a source of pride for their mother and father. Here are some of the essentials!

1. The meaning of struggle

One of the important things that fathers must teach boys, is that anything valuable in this world cannot be obtained just like that. from an early age, he must be given the understanding to fight for what he wants. For example, you have to save first before you can get the bicycle that he dreams of.

If you have been taught from a young age to be independent, not dependent on your parents for what you want, this attitude will carry over to adulthood. And when he grows up, he has been mentally tested to keep trying to achieve the goals he dreams of. your son is not spoiled!

2. Respect for parents

There are many parents who are so concerned with formal education, but forget that moral education is no less important. and one of the main moral lessons, is the ability to respect parents, be it their own family, or people who are more senior in age.

By giving moral lessons from an early age, he will not only grow up to be a smart person, but also have a good character.

3. Respect women

There are many grown men who treat women harshly. maybe, because he saw the figure of his father who acted like this to his mother. Since children are excellent imitators of parents, it is good for fathers to set an example of how a man should behave towards a woman.

This can be done by the father by always keeping his words in front of his mother in soft words, never using verbal abuse, let alone physical, or helping with domestic tasks. Besides by example, fathers also need to tell their children directly that, as men, they are obliged to respect women and treat them well.

4. A sense of responsibility

The value of a man can be seen from how he is responsible for his own life, as well as for the people around him. In order for your son to grow up to be a person who is able to take responsibility, teach him from an early age.

For example, by training him to always look after the toys he has, tidying up his messy room again after playing, or it could be by giving weekly pocket money so that he can arrange his own money for what he buys. If from a child he is trained to make choices and the consequences of his choices, when he is an adult, he will not make decisions carelessly.

5. Honesty

Real men are those who are in line between what is said and what they are doing, and are able to maintain honesty, even though the surrounding conditions require that they behave the other way around. so that this honesty is firmly planted, it is better for fathers to create conditions that make children feel comfortable to say the truth.

For example, when he made a mistake, my father didn't yell at him. But given a clear understanding that what he did was wrong. If the father is able to provide comfort, the child will not lie to save himself from his parent's "tantrum". because usually, what makes children often lie because of the act of their own parents, it is too fierce when children make mistakes.

Embedding that character cannot be done in an instant. So that the values ​​above can be firmly etched in boys, it is necessary to have consistency to continue to do so. Even though it's not easy, believe me it will be of great benefit to the future of your baby later.

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