How to Wean Children with Proper Solid Food Feeding

Weaning or the phase of completing breastfeeding for your little one and switching to solid foods is often difficult for most mothers. Through this article, the Nutriclub Expert Team will give you a way to wean your little one through the proper feeding of solid foods.

The habit of babies who refuse or vomit food repeatedly can cause stress for both the mother and the little one. Mothers can overcome this problem by paying attention to the following things:

Starting Solid Food Introduction

The main factor in choosing solid foods after breastfeeding is to pay attention to the taste and texture of the food. Choose a soft food texture and a taste that is not too strong as a solid food first. Rice can be the right choice as the first solid food for your little one. In addition to its soft and light texture, rice mixed with growth milk has proven to be more easily accepted by the little one's tongue and does not overload the digestive system.

Give rice for 3-4 days regularly so that your little one gets used to it before switching to another solid food menu. No need to worry when your little one refuses or vomits food during the weaning period. In general, your little one can refuse a given food up to 10 times before being able to fully receive it.

Mothers are advised to give your little one vegetables first before introducing him to fruits. When your little one is used to solid textured foods, you can introduce him to meat and fish. The more varied the diet, the less likely it is that it will be picky eaters in the future.

The Right Time for Solid Feeding

Lunch time is the right time to provide solid food to your little one. Start introducing solid foods by giving him a teaspoon or two of rice porridge mixed with growth milk. The right moment to give your little one solid food is when he is not too hungry, not under stress, or fussy.

Baby eat

Also pay attention to some foods that should be avoided before your little one is 1 year old:

  • Foods with added sugar, as they can cause tooth decay.
  • Salt, because it can adversely affect kidney growth.
  • Flavor, or broth blocks, because they contain a lot of salt.
  • Honey, to avoid the risk ofobotulism.
  • Nuts, to avoid the risk of choking
  • Spices, especially those that are spicy
  • Tea, coffee and soft drinks

The Right Texture of Food During the Weaning Process

Texture of first food s Small should be smooth and runny without lumps. To achieve that texture, cook some fruit or vegetable basics until smooth, and blend until smooth. You can also use a fork to mash and soften the food if there are still lumps. Add the growth milk that your little one usually drinks so that he is familiar with the solid foods given.

Along with feeding solids during the weaning process, the texture of the food given can be gradually increased to denser; so that your little one will get used to eating food like all other family members. In addition, increasing the density of the texture of your little one's food will be useful for training the muscles of the digestive organs.

Pay attention to always avoid placing food in milk bottles because it will be bad for your little one. Milk bottles are not suitable when filled with solid foods, because the flow of food that comes out of a milk bottle is not the same as what your little one usually consumes. The solution, you can make purees or porridge that can be placed in the refrigerator. Complementary foods can last for eight weeks in a frozen state. However, do not re-cool previously thawed food. Thawed food from the refrigerator must be finished immediately, or used within 24 hours. Make sure your little one gets the right and balanced nutritional intake with the right administration procedures.


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