Improve Cognitive, 7 Game Ideas for Children Aged 4-6 Years

game ideas

The age before six years is a golden period for children to improve their thinking skills or what is often called cognitive. There are various kinds of games that parents can provide at home from those that require tools to those that only use verbal.

We have summarized some game ideas that can hone cognitive abilities for children aged 4-6 years. anything? Check out the details in the following article.

1. Number guessing game

Games to sharpen children's brains don't always have to use tools, really! Parents at home can even play verbally. The way is quite simple, parents can train children to recognize numbers and letters by guessing in sequence.

For example: 5,6,8,9,10, then the child must immediately find the missing number from the given sequence, where the answer is 7. A simple game, but can help children recognize numbers or letters slowly.

2. Puzzle crafting game

This one game has long been known as an educational game. Not only training reasoning or problem solving from the chosen theme, but also honing children's visual spatial awareness.

This ability is actually needed in the next child's development until they grow up. Children also practice to develop the most appropriate strategy in putting together a puzzle until it works.

3. Block game

The block game in this case is a construction game to assemble one particular object from blocks. These games usually consist of wooden blocks, plastic, lego, and DIY robots.

parents can choose blocks according to the needs of the little one. Besides being able to develop thinking skills, block games can develop motor skills and coordination between hands and eyes. This game is also able to practice language skills, creativity, social competence, and technical skills.

4. Card games

To help children recognize objects around them, parents can provide interesting card games such as flash cards. You don't have to buy, this game can even be made by parents by printing pictures of objects you want to introduce to children.

Parents can interact more intensely by asking children to look for objects at home. Suppose the task given is a glass, then the child looks for it in the kitchen and shows it to the parents.

This simple game also helps children classify objects or categories such as fruit, household items, colors, numbers, letters, plants and animals.

5. A game with a whiteboard and color markers

Even though children are still young, the blackboard and colored markers are educational games that are quite interesting for them. Even parents can play guesswork on objects, numbers, or letters by drawing them on the board.

In addition to improving thinking skills, children are able to hone their imagination or creativity by scribbling on the blackboard.

6. Origami

The next educational game that helps hone your little one's cognitive is the paper folding game. This game will train children in following instructions and concentration.

Parents at home can start with the simplest form such as an airplane. In addition to helping children learn to focus, origami games also train fine motor skills on the fingers.

7. The game of shapes and colors with doh

This one toy has been found in many educational games for early childhood. Make sure parents at home choose safe materials with a wide variety of colors, yes.

Parents can play with their little ones by guessing numbers or objects through a doh shape that is made. Children also practice squeezing, rolling, and flattening the doh with their fingers.

Those were some ideas for educational games to improve thinking skills for children aged 4-6 years. Parents certainly don't need to be confused anymore because these games are easy to get, some can be made by themselves, some can even be played verbally.

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