Not expensive! Cheap Ways to Keep Your Mind Fresh

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For those of you who are married, work is an activity that has become part of your life routine. Whether from morning to evening preparing a meal menu to selling it or facing the computer doing office tasks and so on.

To balance or keep ourselves fresh even though we are always busy with work, we must set aside our time to find entertainment. But usually people think that to get entertainment that can refresh our minds, for example, going to the mall or hanging out in cafes and others, which basically has to spend money and drain our pockets.

But actually it's not like that how come you can still maintain your health and your mind is fresh even though you are always busy with work. Immediately, let's see the explanation below.

1. Chat with friends

Chatting with your friends can keep your mind fresh and healthy without draining your pockets. You can chat lightly, relax or confide in each other with your friends or friends. By doing this activity, it is guaranteed that our minds will stay fresh even though we are always busy working.

2. Take a walk outside the house

Maybe some of you have the thought that to get entertainment we have to go on a trip to the mall or hang out in cafes and others, which basically has to drain our pockets, but in reality it is not really. You can still get entertainment by taking a walk outside the house, for example, taking a walk in the complex park breathing fresh air, meeting and chatting with neighbors. believe it or not this activity will keep you fresh even though you are busy at work or have a lot of busyness.

3. Changing the workplace to be comfortable

So guys, if your place to work is uncomfortable, for example your workshop is messy, lots of work tools are scattered or your work desk is messy, for example, lots of files are scattered. this condition will make you lazy and not enthusiastic at work. Therefore, try to make your workplace comfortable by tidying or redecorating.

4. Doing hobbies

Do your hobbies this habit will make us less stressed due to busyness or a lot of work. You can do your hobbies such as reading, watching movies, writing, sports, caring for animals or anything else. taking time to be busy with our hobbies is a very fun activity that keeps us away from stress.

5. Doing sports

Furthermore, entertainment that does not need to drain our pockets is sports. Doing sports for 15 minutes or 30 minutes will make your mind fresher and you can be more productive at work. Just do light exercise such as jogging, cycling, or yoga. And also our body will be healthier by doing this activity.

6. Decorating the room

Take advantage of your short weekend to redecorate your room, for example rearranging your bookshelves, beautifying the table or making unique crafts for your room so that the atmosphere of your room and your mind returnsfresh when in your room.Arrange the room into a comfortable place so that you can relieve stress due to being busy.

7. Journaling

Next is try to get used to writing the activities that you have done every day from going to home from work, you can also write down your feelings when doing your activities. Make the writing in a book list, this way you can get rid of the tension in your mind caused by busy work. You can also do journaling by recording your daily activities on audio.

That's the way and tips so that the mind stays fresh without draining the bag.

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