These 5 Things Can Unconsciously Lower Children's Self-Confidence

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Stop immediately before regretting it

Every parent always wants the best for their child. Unfortunately, sometimes what parents expect is not in line with the existing reality. Maybe many of them unconsciously even punish the child because of parenting that is not true.

For example, about self-confidence. Of course, parents hope their children can have a high level of self-confidence so that they dare to speak in public. However, the following things can actually damage a child's self-confidence, so they should be avoided immediately.

1. Do all the work that the child can do on their own

It is very important to teach children to be independent from an early age. Starting from making the bed and toys to doing school work. All that should not be done by others on the pretext that the child is still too young. Because these simple things can stimulate the child's level of confidence.

If children are accustomed to doing things on their own, chances are they will be more confident in their abilities. So that the child is not only dependent on his parents. So, it's a good idea to leave light work for the child to do.

2. Angry when the child does not do something right

When it is felt that the child is confused in doing something, of course the parents will help provide the correct instructions. However, when the child is unable to follow suit, it's best not to scold him outright. Just direct him to follow the instructions.

For example, when children learn to tie shoelaces. When he has trouble doing it, don't just say sentences like "That's not possible", "Even though it's really easy, really" and so on. Sentences like that will later make the child less confident when he has to do something.

3. Always speak for them

Indeed, this seems very trivial, but it has a huge impact on the child's self-confidence. For example, when someone asks about your child, you don't let him answer it himself. Instead, you are the one representing him to answer the questions that are really aimed at him.

Maybe you realize he is still shy to answer questions from other people. However, he also needs to learn to be more confident. So don't get used to representing children to speak.

4. Overly managing their lives

Naturally, every parent always wants to see their children happy. Therefore, you always want to be involved in determining the child's future. Starting from registering them to take certain lessons and courses to deciding on the child's school. However, sometimes you also have to let them make their own decisions.

If you control their lives too much, the child may become unable to make decisions independently. Even though problem solving skills are really needed at this time. You certainly don't want them to become dependent on their parents because everything they do is always based on your decision, not on their own.

5. Often compare children with others

This is most common. Sometimes you compare children with other people in the hope that he will imitate the child who is the comparison. Of course you'd be wrong if you hoped he would be inspired. The child will actually feel inferior to his abilities.

Comparing himself with others will actually lower his level of self-confidence. Moreover, every child always does not want to be compared with both siblings and neighbors.

It is not an easy matter to develop high self-confidence in children. It takes effort and also extra patience. therefore, you should not do the five things above that can make children insecure.

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