These are 6 Bad Effects If There Are No Boundaries Between Parents and Children

best friends for children

Many think that parenting that considers parents to be friends and best friends for children is the right choice. It is not wrong because with this parenting style, children will feel comfortable without any boundaries between the child and the parents as well as creating harmony in the family because the child and parents understand and exchange each othermind. Some parents are successful with this kind of parenting but some have failed.

Those who fail to use this method because they think that between children and parents there are no more boundaries, so children start to dare to go against the rules and more details below.

1. The child becomes very spoiled

Assertiveness is something that is very important as a parent because this will have a positive impact on the development of children's behavior and personality because like other humans, children will not forever be children and will grow up to beadolescence to adulthood. However, it is different if you as a parent act as a friend and friend to your child by fulfilling wishes and listening to what the child has to say.

What will happen is that the child will become very spoiled and seem bossy because all his requests must be obeyed and his wishes only to be heard and also, the child becomes difficult to advise because he has never learned to listenhis parents.

2. Children like to act on their own

Being assertive is humane thing as a parent in educating children because children have a very high curiosity so that they must be supervised and monitored so that the child does not take a wrong step in his life and the child is expected to become a figurewho is virtuous and able to distinguish the pros and cons of a choice. The opposite will happen if you build a parent-child relationship like friends.children will really like to act their own way because you as a parent never supervise it and it is not impossible that one day the child will fall into promiscuity to abuse alcohol and drugs that clearly willdestroy his future.

3. The child cannot be disciplined and responsible

The child will never be a better person in the future if you are never assertive as a parent to children with the phrase "parent is a child's best friend". Because the child wants to cling to you, his parents and being freed in all respects, it will result in the child being unable to learn to be disciplined and responsible in living his own life. Even though discipline and responsibility are very important to be taught to children, you know.

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4. The child is not used to solving his own problems

One of the characteristics of a parent who considers himself a friend as well as a friend to his child is that he is willing to listen to his heart and give him suggestions and solutions in solving problems. but with an excuse like that, parents always intervene in solving children's problems, which of course is not very good for the child's personality development. Over time, children become unaccustomed to solving problems in their own lives and like to depend on other people, aka children really cannot be independent until they are adults.

5. Children become individuals who easily give up and are afraid to take risks

Of course, if you build a parent-child relationship like friends and friends, then you will eliminate all the obstacles that stand in the way of the child with the aim that the child will always be successful and avoid failure. If you are a parent like this, then in the future the child will be a very mentally fragile person because he never faces challenges and pressures in life so that he easily gives up and quickly gives upThey are faced with the burden of life and are afraid to take risks in their life because their parents are always taught not to fail. Even though trials in the form of failure in life will actually strengthen a child's mental, you know.

6. The child will never grow up to be an adult

The fatal thing your child will feel when you as a parent applies the "child's best friend" parenting style and is never assertive and applies clear and firm boundaries is that he will never be able to grow into an adult. In the end, the child will become a childish figure and the direction of his life is unclear which of course will trouble you later when he has entered adulthood due to this clearly wrong parenting.

It is true that "friends" parenting is commonplace for parents to apply to children, but the negative impact is very big because it is considered permissive parenting because the boundaries that should be there have faded. Therefore, as a parent, you have to change the parenting style like this and even if you still want to apply it, there still need to be rules and restrictions for the child because "friends" parenting is actually not good for children's development.

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