Toxic Signs, These Are 6 Sins of Parents in Children that Are Often Unnoticed

Angry parents

Learning to be a good parent is difficult. If you want your child to grow up healthy and happy, parents must pay attention to all aspects, from physical to psychological to social.

however, it is not uncommon for the wrong care for children to leave scars that will be carried by the child to adulthood. A sign of toxicity, these are 6 sins of parents against children that are often not realized. 

1. Parents with authoritarian parenting that are too restrictive of the child

Fear of promiscuity does not justify parents having the right to be possessive. Children who are too restrained since childhood, will in turn divert their emotions and energy into wrong behavior.

If children want to do things they enjoy, from now on, give them concessions after doing their obligations. The freedom to play or learn the things he likes is very much needed to find out the best potential.

2. Prejudice by always thinking negatively about children's behavior

As a parent, of course you want your baby to grow happily like friends his age. At the same time, the main role models that children see are parents. Parents who always comment negatively and give harsh criticism will indirectly be imitated so that they become part of their character.

Then parents should need to give trust. As democratic parents, children actually need respect when doing the right behavior and being told the consequences when making mistakes .

3. Comparing children with other children

Children who are constantly being compared will eventually give birth to an attitude of defiance. They are prone to develop low self-esteem and find it difficult to enter into relationships because they think they are always lacking.

The thing that parents need to remember in parenting is to realize that each child has their own strengths. If one day a child is not good at one subject, it does not mean that in other subjects he is.

So as parents you should act as a guide to show the strengths or strengths of children so that they can maximize their potential. 

Child angry to parent

4. Less understanding of the child's feelings

Getting used to healthy communication is the beginning of proper parenting. Conversely, one-way communication with children makes them feel like nobody understands them.

Not only adults, every child can also feel hurt when their parents interrupt or not hear their words. Even though the impression is trivial, a child who grows up with toxic parents will feel inferior more easily, and may even experience problems in socializing.

5. Lack of respect for the wishes of children

a cliché but still found in modern parenting is forcing the will on the child. This behavior actually turns off children's self-confidence because they are just starting out, they are prohibited from doing something they like.

Unrealistic demands from parents also make children vulnerable to stress, even difficulty finding their identity as adults. So before imposing a will, parents should listen to the wishes of the child and find a middle ground with the discussion.

6. Demanding children to mature prematurely

Excessive demands on children, making him lose the fun times with peers. In fact, this period is also needed for children's social development.

parents at least know how to guide children to perform age-appropriate tasks. Don't get them into the habit of taking on too big a responsibility because this will slowly kill the child's soul.

Those are the sins of parents against children that are often not realized. From now on, let's both learn to be parents who want to understand their children by providing proper parenting!

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